3 reasons to use FPT University’s High school Student Ranking tool

FPT University's SchoolRank - high school student ranking tool was launched in early April 2020. SchoolRank is an objective basis which helps students and parents to check their academic rankings compared to students nationwide.


What is SchoolRank?


SchoolRank is a tool used for looking up students' study rankings to know how their rankings are amongst all students. SchoolRank is the first academic ranking search tool launched in Vietnam by FPT University.


SchoolRank ranking tool website display 


The student ranking tool of FPT University has 2 rankings based on

  • High school transcripts: The students fill in their records for 9 basic subjects on Grade 11 and 12 (first semester) in high school. Each individual's score will be referenced based on the overall national high school student's score, statistics and forecasts based on 5-year data from 2015 to 2019.


  • National High school Graduation Exam results: SchoolRank rankings are also based on the test scores of all candidates nationalwide. Accordingly, students only need to enter the scores of 6 exam subjects in the National High school Graduation exam.


After filling in the scores and checking the results, students will receive a certificate. Each certificate sent to the student's email is accompanied by a profile code. This code is used for FPT University to verify the validity of the certificate.


The meaning of SchoolRank


The SchoolRank student ranking tool of FPT University is receiving the attention of both students and parents for some reasons:


  • SchoolRank objectively assesses students’ current rankings compared to students nationwide, thereby persuade self recognizing and improving.

  • This result is a reference for students and parents to have an additional objective tool to assess the student’s academic performance compared to the common level. At the same time, this is also one of the basis helping students in choosing suitable universities and colleges.

  • The result can be collected after a few simple steps, at completely no charge.


Students and parents can access SchoolRank tool at: https://schoolrank.fpt.edu.vn/. After entering the site, simply enter the learning records to know where you are on the "top list" of overall students nationwide.


Look up the result and get a certificate. This result is used by FPT University in the admissions process in 2020.


While the second semester of grade 12 has not yet been completed and the National High school Exam is still pending, universities and colleges are yet to have enrollment criteria for 2020. The entrance to college and university of 2k2 students is still full of obstacles.


SchoolRank's student ranking search tool will be applied immediately at the 2020 admissions period of FPT University to improve the quality of admission. Candidates whose results are in the TOP 50 (50% of the best qualified students each year) are sufficient to meet the "floor standard" FPT University entrance. 



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