5 brand-new “check in” corners for F-students

While FPT University students are working hard for a successful “all-green” final examination, the school itself is transforming to a new colorful version. When Covid-19 is gone, F-students can come back to school and take lots of great “check-in” photos at many places around the campus.


Let’s explore the location of these new ”items” at FPT University!

"The Map of Passion"



This is a wall with many images about different places around the world located inside the Passio café area, ground floor. Now F-students are having a good place for coffee AND a good photo check-in point.


The second place is also located in a “fancy” shop, although the hot sun can melt our heads in exchange for taking photos that can melt our hearts.

Sky 10 bar for LUK-ers



Sky 10 is a mini bar exclusively for LUK-ers. Remember to take some “nice shots” to remind yourself about the time being a LUK-er. 



The return of the beautiful Lotus pond  


The ideal check-in background for girls: the pond has recovered and even bloomed more beautifully.  


Why go to Dalat when you already have a colorful “Stairway to Heaven” inside the campus?



It’s neither the stairway in Dalat nor the paintings on 3A Station walls, all these check-in locations are inside of FPT University Ho Chi Minh city campus. 


The jubilant animated wall



The unnamed wall next to the stairway is loved by many F-students because of its lively and colorful cute shapes.  


In addition to the interesting check-in places above, FPT University is having many new features such as Live bank, Student service department… Hoping these new items bring more motivation and inspiration for F-students when coming back to the campus. 




Translated by RUBY


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