82 Medals were awarded at the Toad King Competition 2018

The 2018 6th Toad King Competition for Vietnamese Martial Arts took place dramatically on June 24. At the end of the competition, many FPT University students won medals.


Vietnamese martial arts competition to win the title Toad King is a competition organized by Vovinam - FPT University in collaboration with Vietnamese Martial Arts in Ho Chi Minh City Association. This annual event is also a place for students to promote their strengths, skills, ingenuity and enthusiasm.

Mr. Than Van Su - Head of the Training Department - FPT University encouraged the spirit of competition of the martial artists before "going in": "Very few people with no health that can be successful". The competition started with a fiery aura after his statement.


Vovinam is one of the subjects at FPT University. Right from the first year, students are well trained to participate in competitions.


In the competition this year, there were nearly 134 athletes competing, including 67 athletes in the content of antagonism and 67 athletes participating in the content of the show. The innovation point in this year's competition is that in addition to simple training categories such as the starting routine, the ten-stroke routine and the Dragon-Lion routine, there is also a new category of male and female team performance.


Vietnamese martial arts competition 2018 Toad King attracted 134 competitors.


The competition had a very impressive start with the category of solo starting routine, followed by the ten-stroke and the qualifying rounds of different weight classes. The flexible, extremely beautiful and professional performances, as well as the certainty and clean finishes made the judges as well as the supporters have to "carefully consider" in making the decision of whom will the golden medals belong to.


This year, with a larger and more grandiose scale, the antagonism category attracted nearly 70 athletes in different weight classes, all determined, strived hard, tried to earn themselves a worthy reward.


Many female participants had also devoted intense competitions, demonstrating the spirit of Vietnamese Martial Arts.


Before the break is the competition of athletes through the category of group starting routine and solo Dragon-Lion routine. After a short break are semi-finals and finals of the antagonistic section. Even though it was near the end of the tournament, the atmosphere of the athletes did not coincide, which made the tournament more exciting and attractive.


Having a new look at the tournament this time athlete Huynh Minh Duc shared: “I am very happy that this year I was able to participate in the competition, I was quite surprised when the tournament this year had the participation of some city-ranking athletes. This is seen as an opportunity to help me experiencing, expanding and improving the understanding of athletes competing in big tournaments ".


Toad King is a tournament that brings together students who are passionate about the nation's martial arts.


With the spirit of developing practicing, competitiveness and determination as well as efforts, everything evokes the highly expected return of a successful and developed 2019 7th Toad King Tournament.

  Photos : BẢO BẢO


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