All new hits for Indie fans at Etherial Indie Show 2019

Etherial Indie Show is a FPT University students’ passionate project with the intention of getting to the music lovers community with a fresh Indie genre. The music night was successfully held with all the tickets sold out. The Show also left in the hearts of the organizers and participants emotional and unforgettable feelings.
Motivated by their love for the Indie genre, the organizers of Etherial Indie Show had created an exclusive playground for artists and audiences who are passionate about this kind of music. Because of this sincerity, simplicity, and like Indie nature, the Etherial Indie Show attracted nearly 500 people to the music night, an impressive number taken into account it being the first music program coordinated completely by students from clubs of FPT University - Saigon Coc Communication Club, F # Live Music Club and Halcyan group.


With 100% organizers being students, they still did a great job of fulfilling their roles and responsibilities


Coming to Etherial Indie Show, not only were the audience able to see the emotional performances from Indie artists, they also got to enjoy free Heineken Sliver cans or cold Strongbow bottles from the show’s sponsor, Strongbow and received many vouchers from Gymaster.


Opening for the music night was a performance from CxT band from F # Live Music Club of FPT University. Maturing from the contest Battle of The Band for the student community in Ho Chi Minh City, CxT Band’s boys are gradually asserting themselves with their efforts and burning love for music through self-composed songs: Đừng Hỏi Tại Sao, Một Vòng Trái Đất Xa Hay Gần, …...which has drawn a positive effect and is well received by young people. The opening performance was a complete success, pulling the audience closer to the artists on stage.


What really set the difference for the Etherial Indie Show is the audience do not have to wait for their idols for too long. The handsome Reddy, one with a small body but carries with him a resonated voice which left an unforgettable impression in the mind of the audience. In addition to songs that made his name such as “Sợ”, “Thì thôi”, Reddy also introduced a new song "Ngoặt", which is to be released in the near future.


Audiences come to Etherial Indie Show with the love for the Indie genre and Indie artists. Etherial was able to make the audience happy and enthusiastic during the 2 hours span of the show


Anyone who followed Sing My Song competition had heard of Tuyên - the 20-year-old girl with a special personality and voice. Tuyên came to Etherial Indie Show with a characteristic and confident manner. She made the atmosphere liberal and at the same time profoundly sad with self-composed songs such as “Sài Gòn tôi mưa” và “Bản tình ca đơn phương”.


Every Indie artist came to Etherial express his/her approachable personalities and had friendly exchanges with fans. Thế Bảo - FPT University former student shared with the audience his witty stories about his inspiration, then moved back to the contemplative family story. He had the audience touched by his gentle voice with songs such as: “Về phía mưa”, “Tư cố nhân”. “Anh chỉ biết ngồi hát” ", a new song coming from Thế Bảo was first performed on stage for the audience of Etherial Indie Show.


After the hit "Về phía mưa", Thế Bảo became even more popular with his self-talk, gentle hits.


The Flob’s appearance had completely stirred up the atmosphere with indie rock songs that are characteristic and impulsive just like the personalities of "evil brats". “Nhiều chuyện”, “Em oii”, “Mấy khi”…fired up the stage of the Etherial Show, had the audience moving and excitedly followed the verses of The Flob.


The "Indie prince" - Vu was a very sweet ending for the show. Vu has brought unforgettable emotions to Indie music lovers with familiar songs like “Lạ lùng”, “Đông kiếm em”, “Hành tinh song song”, “Phút ban đầu”. He also surprised the audience with the hit song “Anh đếch cần gì nhiều ngoài em" that had the audience hearts racing.


The moment when nearly 500 people in the auditorium joined their voices together loud enough that the artist on stage did not need to sing anymore is the gift that the organizers of Etherial Indie Show wants to give to both the artist and the audience - an opportunity to live in the moment, live in Indie.


2019 Etherial Indie Show had ended but the moments, emotions, music still remain in the hearts of those who attended the night and the organizers. Tran Thien Quy -A Class of 2020 student of Software Engineering – one of the 2019 Etherial Indie Show organizers shared after the show: “Etherial has succeeded beyond our expectations. Although the organizers only cooperated for the first time but they had worked very well together in all stages and learned more experiences. Besides, we also received various support from the school and the students in the city, which is the biggest motivation for us to keep going until the end of the program. The staffs’ enthusiasm also had me noticed. And today we have achieved the goal of creating the first quality music program for FPT University students and citywide students. Everything just makes me happy so much."



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