An overview of the impressive Opening Ceremony of FPT University

Nearly 2000 new students of FPT University have officially entered the new school year. The Opening Ceremony of the 2018-2019 school year took place solemnly on the afternoon of September 24. After the ceremony, the concert night celebrating the new students as well as the mid-autumn atmosphere was organized with many colorful perfomances.



The receptionist welcomed guests and parents at the entrance. The preparation to organize the ceremony was therefore thought to be very thoughtful by many parents.



Beginning the Opening Ceremony is the Vovinam performance. This is also the subject taught at FPT University right from the first year to equip students with a good physical health beside learning and experiencing.


 Despite the disability both in his body and in his family's situation, the student from Gia Lai still tried to pursue his studies until the end. On receiving the admission letter, Tam's first concern was a laptop because he knew that the process of studying and examining at FPT University requires laptops while he did not have one. The gift, though not big, brought a lot of joy and gave Tam the motivation to conquer the University lecture hall.




 Representing for all lecturers, Mr. Than Van Su, head of the Training Department of FPT University, inspired nearly 2000 new students. Recalling the story of an internship at On the Job Trainning, Mr. Su began to reminisce and recreate a 4-year journey for new students. It was really an exciting "learning and playing" time.


In the mid-autumn atmosphere, the music night with the appearance of Mr. Cuoi and Ms. Hang excited many students.


 The concert night ended with many imprints in the hearts of the guests and parents.




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