ASIS: A unique short 3D Animation Exhibition of FPT University students

On June 15, "ASIS" - a short 3D animation exhibition was officially opened at FPT University in Ho Chi Minh City.



This is an event organized by the Department of Graphic Design to help students understand more about the process of making 3D animation. The exhibition is expected to take place continuously from June 15 to June 17.

The exhibition consists of eight 3D short film products. These projects are synthesized from subject final exercises within 10 weeks of Graphic Design students, FPT University, Ho Chi Minh City. 




Mr. Phan Nhat Trung, Head of ASIS Exhibition Organizing Committee, lecturer of Graphic Design, said: “8 films are 8 separate and unique ideas. However, the common point is that the students all have successfully applied the knowledge they have learned to create unique works.”.


ASIS is an exhibition which aims to provide students with a useful playground for 3D animation. At ASIS, attendees can learn directly from real products of FPT University students. 



Attending the events as guests, the alumni of FPT University who are currently working at media, graphic media companies such as Sparx *, Dien Quan Media & Entertainment... also shared their practical experiences in making short 3D animation. 



“With the share from students, alumni who have had experience working at the enterprise, students of Graphic Design, Multimedia Communication and attendees who are interested in getting to know about 3D film making process can find the information they need. ”Mr. Phan Nhat Trung said. 

“To make 3D movies, first, we have to be very calm. A complete scenario is a plus. We can then deploy it using the methods we learned. And it is important to confidently present your products” said Vo Hoang Ty, a K13 student majoring in Graphic Design, who is currently practicing at Dien Quan Media & Entertainment.. 

The exhibition received enthusiastic response from attendees. Dang Gia Bao, a K15 student in Graphic Design, said that he attended the exhibition to learn more from the products of other students in order to make a decision on the upcoming narrow specialization. "Currently, I am oriented in UX / UI array and 2D Graphic Design. But after attending ASIS, I felt quite excited. Therefore, I will learn more about 3D animation,” Bao said. 



The ever-expanding market requires 3D designers and artists to continually cultivate and be more flexible to adapt and continuously develop. It is a challenge but also an opportunity for young people to express themselves and pursue their dreams. 

The upcoming 3D short animation exhibition at FPT University is an opportunity for students in Graphic Design, Multimedia Communication and others who want to learn about 3D animation to have the opportunity to interact, learn, and show their talent.



Translated by RUBY


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