“Birth father” of Angry Birds: “Startup should originate from simple ideas”

Starting with simple ideas, acting for the present and keeping your products different were the lessons that Angry Birds’ director offered to Vietnamese startup.
The co-founder of the world’s famous game brand Angry Birds, Peter Vesterbacka, has just had a talk show with the students of FPT Educational Institution - FPT Edu on the afternoon of April 9th.


Peter Vesterbacke (red hoodie) and two undergraduates developer of Kanvas attending the talk show with technology students of FPT Edu.

The topic of the event was “Nothing Is Impossible: Finnish Ecosystem and Innovation” with the attendance of two other guests, Tapio Rajahalme and Eemeli Oksanen - the founders of the mobile app Kanvas.
Facing the question of “How to turn small ideas into a huge success like Angry Birds?”, Peter said: “Keep everything as simple as you can in the beginning, Angry Birds took its first steps with angry birds. After that, you need to continue dedicating yourself to what you like the most.”
In 2003, Peter along with two friends at the University of Helsinki (Finland) participated in a mobile game development contest. The victory achieved from the competition made the team decide to start their own company, Rovio Entertainment. However, it was not until the 52nd game - Angry Birds – was published that they acquired success.
The central ideas of the game were an animated flock of angry birds running around and destroying everything. Only through countless modification could the development team completed the design and published the game on the App Store. This step has finally turned over a new chapter for the company.
Even after 10 years of publication, Angry Birds is still one of the most successful game brands globally, with around 300 million downloads across all platforms. Originally a free mobile game, Angry Birds kept on updating more stories and creative play styles. Throughout many versions, the game has been praised by players for its humour, vibrant animation, addictive gameplay and low costs.

Concerning the most crucial obstacle, the founder of Rovio Entertainment confirmed that his employees are always too anxious.

“Worrying about the problems that you will face in the future does not always result in positive effects. The only thing we could do is to act right away. The best time to work is now.” Peter stated.

He also consulted to businesses about how to keep pace with the competition: “Make your products unique. This requires exceptional Marketing in all levels: individual, company and products.”
Beside Peter Vesterbacka, the event was also attended by the two undergraduate developers of Kanvas - Tapio Rajahalme and Eemeli Oksanen. The duo is planning to develop a Kanvas branch in Vietnam and is in search of interested candidates that are prepared to begin immediately.
Explaining the trend of young people doing start up, the guests said that Finland’s culture is a culture that trusts its youth and are prepared to grant them the opportunity. For that reason, Kanvas and the youths doing startup have a lot of chances for development. At the moment, Finland is in need of about 50 000 employees in the field of AI, game development, etc… This is a chance for technology students and startup entrepreneurs in Vietnam who are intending to pursue education, employment and citizenship in this Northern European country.



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