Check out FPT University's alumni who are great in studying and handsome

Alumni of FPT University, someone studys in the Western countries, someone works abroad. However, they all have one thing in common, that's handsome.

Bui Anh Quang - The one whose smile shines like a Korean male actor.

Bui Anh Quang enthralls many girls using his eyes and sunshine smile just like actors in Korean dramas. Graduating from FPT University majoring in Business Administration, Anh Quang demonstrated his ability when he worked as a manager in a brand development project or when he was responsible for many famous music festivals of Heineken. Not only successful in work, this 9x guy also caught many young people admiration when he finished two Master's degrees at Umeå University (Sweden) and NEOMA Business School (France). From here, this guy continued to pursue marketing major at The DO School (Germany). And of course, in all three schools Quang attended, he excellent obtained full scholarships.


When coordinating the projects, Anh Quang showed a very professional manner, but in his life was a pretty cute, easy to get close guy.

Truong Trung Anh - hot boy with both "talent and beauty"


It can be said that Truong Trung Anh is a hot boy with both "talent and beauty" of FPT University. Since he was a university student, Trung Anh had exceptionally been awarded a scholarship and was also a student with the highest academic result in the university's academic semester. Looking at the admirable record of Trung Anh, few people knew this guy had been quite inferior to his foreign language ability. After four years of hard work on the lecture hall, from the "amature" level, Trung Anh now confidently speaks Japanese like singing while working and lives in the land of the rising sun.


Trung Anh shares that in the future he will continue to stick with his job in Japan and work harder to become more mature.

Huu Quyen - The hotboy who loves backpacking


Huu Quyen is a pretty "sexy" face in the list of beautiful boys of FPT University. Besides, this guy is no less competitive when it comes to talent since he attained a student exchange scholarship with ShinShu University (Japan) right when he was still sitting in the lecture hall. After the first study trip in Japan, stepping out to the world with Huu Quyen became something more interesting. Especially after working in Tokyo (Japan), the unknown culture which has yet to be experienced had invaded and made Huu Quy's discovery passion increasingly multiplied. That's why this guy has the motivation to carry his backpacks and travel to more than 20 countries around the world.


Not only traveling, the former student of FPT is also passionate about finding new experiences in life. He chose the camera to be the ideal friend for each of his "charming single" backpacking tours.

According to Trí Thức Trẻ


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