Experience various activities during F-Camp 2018

The Club Festival Day - F-Camp 2018 has recently been held at FPT University in a thrilling and energetic atmosphere. This is an important activity in the series of events welcoming freshmen, helping them understand the school and find a suitable club to stay and develop their talents.

The program started from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM with miscellaneous activities from the clubs. Each club had its own color, a unique impression, creating a healthy playground for freshmen to communicate and make friends.


The special check-in “ceremony” of F-Camp

Especially, parallel to F-Camp was the Traditional Vietnamese Culture Festival organized by the traditional instrument club FTI, the martial art club FVC, the chess club FCC and the basketball club FBC with traditional booth games like bamboo dancing, traditional music, hitting the cans, a game similar to piñatas, chess and finally the childhood booth. Ring The Golden Bell competition was also in the series of festival events, where players show their knowledge about Vietnamese culture and tradition.

Students interested in the traditional instrument đàn tranh

F-Camp - The Club Festival Day didn’t only have recreational activities, club introductions to the 14th student generation but it was also an opportunity for freshmen to gain better insight into the university they’ll be studying in the next 4 years.  This was a bonus chance for them to exchange with their seniors, thereby preparing themselves for a new school year.


Freshman excited by the amazing performances from the school’s clubs

The program is one of the annual activities of NINJA (Navigating an Independent Nonstop Journey to Autonomy) Program organized by PDP (Personal Development Program) in collaboration with clubs and school seniors - a distinguished mark of FPT University to welcome freshmen in the new school year.


Photos: FBC Club  




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