Exploring the bountiful river plateau with 7 days of experiences

Admiring the beauty of the ivory rice and crystalline water of Tay Do region, joining in with the ordinary activities of the local people, savour the speciality foods and experience rowing a wherry, travelling on a boat…Those are the tremendously interesting experiences that the 7 Days of Experiences will bring for the participating students.

The program “7 Days of Experiences” is viewed as a speciality of FPT University. This time, the program takes place in Can Tho – a famous tourism city in the Western region of Vietnam with renowned destinations like Cai Rang floating market, Tay Do night market, Binh Thuy ancient house and Ninh Kieu harbour…

Whilst joining the program, students will be able become real farmers: learning how to water pepper plants, taking care of banana trees…releasing oneself with the tranquil rivers, engage in appealing rural games: river swimming, ditch fishing…This would definitely be one of the most wonderful memories of your student life.


 While we are still young, hot-blooded and full of energy, it is necessary to pick up your backpack and experience the world. In order to see that Vietnam still has a lot of picturesque destinations and understand the distinctiveness of the different regions. Experiencing the work of a farmer with muddy limbs and finally contributing to the beautiful days of your youth along side with your precious friends.  

The “7 Days of Experiences” program is organized by the PDP department for all FPT students. The program takes place from the 20th to 26th of August 2018. Right at this moment the students could already look through more information and register for the program here.




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