Field trip season III brought students to Cambodia

Recently, the top excellent students of K13 and their Brothers and Sisters had a meaningful and extremely attractive trip in the country of Cambodia.

Comparing to two seasons ago when FPTU students chose to go to rich lands which are quite far from Vietnam and had to travel by plane, they choose to come to Cambodia - the next-door country in this season with the Automobile is the main transportation.



Joining the program from October 28th to October 31th, senior and K13 toads had the opportunity to explore new lands with many valuable experiences. they discovered the magic through the ancient architecture of thousands of generations such as Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, the mysterious scenery with temples covered with giant ancient tree roots of Ta Prohm Temple where the delegation Hollywood filmmaker chose to be the film studio of Ancient Tomb Secrets, Phnom Penh with Toul Sleng Prison which is also known as "hell on earth", Victory Monument and Vietnam - Cambodia Friendship Radio, ...



Thereby, students had more fresh and meaningful insights about the people and the country here and valuable lessons about the heroic history of the two nations in the process of defending the countries.



A new point that two seasons ago did not include is that participants also had the opportunity to personally prepare gifts and visit Km11 - a land with many Vietnamese expatriates living very difficult, while schooling are not affordable for children... to give these gifts to them, to join in the activities and to encourage them in their studies. This helps FPT students more understand and love people who are not as fortunate as themselves. Therefore, it created more motivation for their lives and education in the upcoming years at the University named FPT.


In addition, the program participants also learned many important skills such as teamwork in daily life and activities, “Survival” skills, travel, shopping, money exchange, foreign currencies uses, navigation and experience tuk tuk ride ... are the values which are believed that students cannot get in the domestic environment.


Field Trip Season III closed with many nostalgic memories of the members with the promise of doing their best to continue being a member of Field Trip Season IV which is scheduled to be held at the end of this term in two countries Singapore and Malaysia. 




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