Flash Beauty Moment: Album "love from the first look" by FPT University students

With the idea of capturing the moments of beautiful boys and girls of FPT University, Coc Saigon Media Club made the album "Flash Beauty Moment".  This column is both strange and familiar to many students that make them fascinating.

"Flash Beauty Moment" is a photo album of lovely girls and handsome boys, which are hunted and updated by Coc’s reporters every Saturday night on Coc Saigon’s fanpage.

The album "Flash Beauty Moment" has received a lot of attention from students.  Many images have hundreds of likes, shares and comments.


Let's take a look at the beauty of FPT girls and boys in this "Flash Beauty Moment" album of Coc Saigon.


It is known that the section "Flash Beauty Moment" has only been put into operation for a few months by Coc Saigon and is still maintaining its style and heat.  Do not forget that the Coc Saigon reporters still update new pictures every Saturday night, if the pictures slip into your eyes, you can leave a comment to ask for the information about the beauty in the picture.

As one of the quite active clubs not only includes many marking competitions such as Coc Manga, Cocsaigon's Next Top Model - All Toads ... but also supports the media publications, Coc Saigon always affirms the position of a media communication club at FPT University.

 Flash  Beauty MomentFlash Beauty Moment

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