‘FPT has many advantages getting in the world top in Digital Transformation '

Shared in a recent congress, FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh said the Group had pioneered in opening new directions for the IT industry such as software export. But with the digital transformation strategy, FPT has many advantages of "molting" to reach higher and beyond.

On March 29, The 2019 FPT Annual General Meeting (AGM) approved the Group's development orientation for the period of 2019-2021. This event marked a new development of FPT with the vision to become a global digital transformation service provider.

Digital transformation is taking place worldwide and it is an important way for businesses and organizations to achieve new success in the 4th industrial revolution.

According to consulting firm IDC, by 2022, the number of digital conversion market will have reached 2,000 billion USD and have had a growth rate 4 times higher than that of the IT service market. In 2018, the expenditure on digital transformation alone reached USD 1,300 billion, an increase of 16.8%, while the IT services market reached USD 1,000 billion and grew only 4%.

With unlimited potential and opportunities, FPT is certain that digital transformation will help the company make a breakthrough in its position, capacity and scale of growth enhancing the competitive value globally. Therefore, starting from 2019, FPT will shift from an IT service provider to a Group providing comprehensive digital transformation solutions. FPT's vision for the next 10 years is to be in the Top 50 companies providing global digital transformation services.


ĐHCĐ FPT năm 2019 có sự tham gia của 210 cổ đông, 652 đại biểu ủy quyền dự họp, đại diện cho 59,16% số cổ phần có quyền biểu quyết.


According to President Truong Gia Binh, FPT used to be a pioneer in opening new directions for Vietnam's IT industry, typically software export, not only enhancing the company's position, but also build up a strong name for Vietnam on the world technology map.

“In the digital revolution, FPT has many advantages of" molting "to reach higher and beyond. It is an understanding of customers, owning core technology platforms, leading experts on digital transformation, especially with the advice of Mr. Phuong Tram, who directly directed and implemented The digital transformation programs of DuPont Group, one of the most successful digital transformation stories in the world, ”said F House's head.

FPT's digital transformation consulting and implementation capacity has been proven through cooperation with the world's leading corporations, including many Fortune Global 500 customers. "We are ready and confident in conquering the peak of digital transformation, looking forward to the future of becoming the leading companies in digital transformation consultancy such as Accenture, Deloite DX ... and once again bringing Vietnam name up to par with the technology giants.”Mr. Binh said.

To achieve the ambitious goal, FPT has developed a drastic action plan in four directions. Investing in research, development and continuously improving the ability of strategic consulting team; Pioneering in research and development of core technologies; Perfecting FPT's product and service solutions and transforming FPT into a digital enterprise that operates based on near real-time data and enhances young leaders, who are ready and able to rise up in the digital revolution.

Particularly in the period of 2019-2021, FPT aims to improve the value and position of the company by providing high value services such as digital conversion consultancy and digital conversion strategy. FPT will approach large international corporations to provide digital conversion services and other products and services of FPT and have 30 more big customers on the Fortune Global 500 list each year.

The F House also aims to achieve a growth rate of over 15% annually and perfecting the package, series of lists of solutions, products and services in the digital value chain in the next 2 years.

Chairman Truong Gia Binh said that technology changes the production method therefore businesses cannot ignore the change. Nowadays, any business in the world understands that it is necessary to do digital transformation but only a few of them succeed.

In his Digital Transformation strategy, Khoa emphasized that FPT will help its customers and partners to make the most optimal conversion. "Businesses will get to directly" touch "their data helping them save time, cost, make the precise decisions and increase their competitiveness," F House's operator commented

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In order to implement this important strategy, the new CEO of FPT presented a new management method that FPT is applying and implementing the whole group - OKR (Objectives and Key Results) . "With this management method, we want to create a breakthrough and make an effort for each individual to create a miracle for FPT," Khoa emphasized.

Strengthen labor discipline to increase professionalism for FPT is also part of the management of the new executives of House F. Besides, the units in F will also have more cooperation and mutual support to develop even further
With a team of young, enthusiastic leaders and many years of close-knit relationship with FPT, shareholders expressed their trust and great expectations with the new Executive Board. Shareholders Nguyen Son Hai (Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam) is very happy when FPT has innovated in the leadership team. "Seeing that the leaders of FPT are quite young, I am very happy and I believe that it will be a good foundation for FPT to develop more," Hai said.

Also very impressed with the new Executive Board of F House, Ms. Tran Giang Quynh, personal investor, said: “I strongly believe in the ability of FPT's new leadership team when they have many years of experience working here. Being at a relatively young age, they will have more time to devote to FPT, so I have high expectation in them. ”


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