FPT people contributed 2,000 beds for quarantine and 20 billion VND: Joining hands in "fighting COVID-19"

Under the unpredictable situation of COVID-19, FPT Corporation contributed 20 billion VND and students of FPT Education Organization shared 2000 beds in their dormitory to make a quarantine area. 


Student of FPT university leaving their dormitory to make places for quarantine

Starting from March 23, FPT University and FPT High School students and staffs has officially left their dormitories and turned it into a quarantine area, supporting the prevention against Covid-19 epidemic. This is a place that can accommodate more than 2,000 people for quarantine. The dormitory is located in an 30-hectare area with lots of fresh air and trees, including many functional buildings with full facilities. At the same time, the FPT Corporation also donated 20 billion VND to buy medical equipment to prevent nCoV pneumonia.


The preparation of housing and facilities to isolate people coming from the epidemic area is currently a top priority for the Government. With convenient transportation, not being in densely populated areas, the quarantine area has been considered very important amongst neccesary actions in prevention of Covid-19. 


A letter from FPT University students to future “guests” in their dormitory room

“With FPT, people are the most valuable asset and we are always willing to contribute what is best to help the Government fighting Covid-19 and protect Vietnamese people. Within our ability, we wish to contribute to the protection of doctors on the front line and the protection of public health, minimizing the possibility of spreading the disease, and reducing the pressure of our Government and the City. We hope there will be more hands to join us in overcoming these challenges”, said FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh.

Besides, FPT Corporation also decided to donate 20 billion VND to buy essential medical equipments to join hands with the healthcare industry to fight Covid-19. 

Accordingly, since the beginning of February, 2020 when the Covid-19 broke out, FPT had cooperated with IT Department - Ministry of Health to launch Virtual Assistant – a “Made in Vietnam” technology solution - giving 24/7 timely information and support at: https://ncov.ehealth.gov.vn/. 


At the same time, FPT Education also launched VioEdu online training system (https://vio.edu.vn/), a website that allows students nationwide to study and do online homework with no charge. This is creating a convenient home study environment for children. Until now, 15,000 schools in 63/63 provinces and cities are having students registered to study and participate with over 90 million questions reviewed and practiced on the system.

It is undeniable that no tribulation or challenge can defeat our enthusiastic hearts or break the iron will of FPTers in the time of difficulties. This is a time to shine and be proud of being a FPTer”, Chairman Truong Gia Binh affirmed, highlighting the anti-COVID-19 epidemic spirit of the whole “F-Family”.

Contributing for the community has been a beautiful culture of FPT for many years. With the technological strength of the Corporation, together with the social-responsible activities of each and every employee, FPT always strives to give off our great value in urgent times. Covid-19 is the time for FPT People to join hands, together with our community, to overcome current challenging period. 


Translated by RUBY


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