FPT University alumni won a ticket to attend the world beatbox championship

Tran Thai Son, the talented boy of the FPT Culture and Union Board, FPT University alumni continued to have the opportunity to assert himself in the international beatbox arena preparing to participate in the world 2019 beatbox championship competition.


ĐH FPT Tp.HCM Trần Thái Sơn



Clip of 6 Wildcard Grand Beatbox Battle 2019 winners, Tran Thai Son in 5th place - Source: Facebook character.

After a successful year when becoming the Asia Beatbox Championship champion in Loopstation, the International Association for developing beatbox culture tournament in Asia, Thai Son continued to show his nonstop development when he recently passed the qualifier and got in the 2019 Grand Beatbox Battle final. The world's leading beatboxer tournament will be held in Poland from April 12-14 this year.

To get to this contest, Thai Son had a preliminary test in October 2018 with a more than 3 minutes loopstation performance and was ranked 5 out of 20 candidates by Gene & WaWad which got him 1 of the 6 tickets to the final round. In the 2018 competition, this Cultural Department - Union boy also reached the top 8 finals.

Previously, Tran Thai Son also won the Asia Beatbox Championship 2018. This is a tournament that attracts many young people who are passionate about the modern beatbox in Asia.

From a series of successes in Vietnam, Tran Thai Son has brought the Vietnamese Beatbox to the world when he won the gold cup at the Asian Beatbox Championship 2018 after 4 days of participating. After the victory, Thai Son shared on his personal page: " I’ve gotten the Asia Champion tittle... This cup is for the Vietnamese beatbox. Thank you for everything.

Feelings after receiving the champion prize of Tran Thai Son.

Held since 2016, the Asia Beatbox Championship is the tournament of the Asia Beatbox - an international association for developing beatbox culture in Asia. Faced with beatboxer Tap from Taiwan (China) at the Asia Beatbox Championship Championship 2018 in Loopstation category, Tran Thai Son won the highest position of the competition that took place on the evening of July 21, in Taipei (Taiwan).

With confidence, Thai Son created some distinctive sounds and gameplay, making a strong mark in the Asian beatbox village. The first round had the time duration of 3 minutes and Thai Son was the first to performed. He performed his own opera voice. After that, the DJ sounds were made entirely by mouth and without any supporting instruments. He finished the test with a loud throbbing sound coming from his mouth.

The Taiwanese opponent performance  in the final round.

Compared to 2017, Thai Son completely owned the stage, he estimated the exact time, finished his performance 5 seconds ahead. Audience Amir Mujahid commented on YouTube Asia Beatbox 2018: "Thai Son has a confident and musical performance style that makes people dance".

In the second round, Thai Son conquered the audience with Beggin (Madcon). The opera voice continued to be used by Son. He sang:” Put your loving hand out, baby. I’m beggin”. Audience cheered according to Son, the sound of electronic drums continued. FPT staff continued to sing: “Riding high, when I was king. Played it hard and fast, cause I had everything. Walked away, won me then. But easy come and easy go. And it will end”. With the last 20 seconds, Thai Son directd the microphone towards the audience, all sang together:” Put your loving hand out darling”. The wise ending of Thai Son has occupied the heart of the judges and the audience.

FPT University alumni - Tran Thai Son used to be the judge of the contest FPT’U Got Talent 2017
With unique talent, he also participated in many competitions as judges like FPT University Talent 2018 recently took place at FPT University Ho Chi Minh City.


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