FPT University cooperates with Vietnamworks - the leading recruitment network in Vietnam

In the morning of July 30, representatives of Vietnamworks - the leading recruitment network in Vietnam, came to FPT University – HCMC campus to visit and work with the representatives of the FPT University. Accordingly, representatives of FPT University and Vietnamwork discussed strategic cooperation information on hiring, creating many values and benefits for students.

Attending the meeting were Mr. Tran Ngoc Tuan - Director of FPT University - Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Tran Tuan Anh - Head of Training Department of FPT University, Ms. Pham Thi Phuong Khanh - Head of Marketing Department Vietnamworks and Mr. Phan Ngoc Danh - VietnamWorks InTECH project.


 Under the complicated affection of COVID-19, attendees complied with the regulations on wearing masks for disease prevention. 

Vietnamworks is the leading recruitment network in Vietnam with a high number of vacancies and high quality businesses. Over 18 years of establishment and development, Vietnamworks has affirmed its position on the recruitment map.


Vietnamworks is the leading recruitment network in Vietnam with a high number of job positions and high quality businesses.


Meanwhile, FPT University is a pioneer in applying technology to train diverse groups with more than 20,000 students, providing large and high quality human resources to meet the needs of many employers.

At the meeting, representatives of two sides exchanged a lot of cooperation information. Accordingly, Vietnamworks will be the focal point between enterprises and candidates. Vietnamworks will send quality and suitable candidates, especially FPT University students, to businesses. Students will not have to take time to choose suitable vacancies or business environment.

At the same time, with the advantage of business networks, Vietnamworks will connect with businesses to set up a recruitment criteria framework to providing for education partners, especially FPT University, to apply for a number of training subjects. Students will learn the content closest to the actual environment, the ability to meet business needs while still being a student. 

Not only expanding employment opportunities, representatives of Vietnamworks also want to cooperate in training FPT students to become senior (senior, experienced experts) of the enterprise right after graduation or immediately after 2 years working in the industry. 



Mr. Tran Ngoc Tuan said: “FPT University students have many opportunities to work with businesses while studying in the school. In the 3rd year, students can attend the On the Job Trainning semester at member companies or partners of FPT Corporation. The partnership with Vietnamworks will help students get ready to go into business, meeting employers' needs in a new context.”


This strategic cooperation in recruitment and training will create a lot of value for students.

"Vietnamworks candidates have been selected, proficient in working tools, meeting the needs of businesses. Businesses and partners tend to trust Vietnamworks’ reference. Besides, Vietnamworks is building many projects iterms of training, technology. We hope to build a long-term strategic cooperate between the two units" - Ms. Pham Thi Phuong Khanh - Marketing Manager Vietnamworks said.



In addition, VietnamWorks InTECH - online recruitment page for information technology also bring many opportunities for FPT University students.


This strategic cooperation of recruitment and training will create more value for students. It is expected that FPT University and Vietnamworks will sign the MOU in August 2020. This event will affirm the long-term strategic cooperation in the process of connecting students and businesses. 




Translated by RUBY.




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