FPT University former student starts up with love for English

Tran Nguyen Phuoc – A Class of 2018 student - FPT University in Business Administration - leader of English Funny Club has a special feeling for English. Phuoc decided to establish his own English center with the slogan "To be good, it’s not enough. You need to be the best.

When he was a student at FPT, Phuoc worked as Account Executive Intern in a foreign advertising company, tutored English for working people, worked as an MC, did translation work and participated in various events for students. Phuoc is now in charge of an English club and also assists with a memory club.

For Phuoc, English is an very interesting language and he also admits that he has a special affection for it. "English will certainly become a Vietnam’s second language, and all young people between the age of 18 and 30 need to speak English fluently to integrate, develop themselves and have access to more opportunities ”- Phuoc emphasizes the importance of English and states: “Learning language is fun and you have to be voluntary when doing it!."




Phuoc's inspiration in founding Be The Best English is his wish to convey a new learning target to young people through the slogan “To be good, it’s not enough. You need to be the best.” (The best version of yourself)

“The first verse is meant to encourage people to keep on learning, not to be content so easily and not to rest on laurels and from there, nurture an inner motivation for learning and development. The second verse wants to convey a message of not comparing yourself to others. It’s very important knowing what is right, what is for you. There are many good things in the world but sometimes they’re just not for me. Knowing this, it’s time to learn to be the best version of yourself, feel the changes and compare yourself with the you from yesterday ”- Phuoc explained.


Phuoc does not deny that there are difficulties and especially risks when founding Be The Best English. "But it is my passion and my hobby so I feel like trying and experiencing is worth the risk" - he confidently shared. It is known that Phuoc's major has helped him a lot in organizing and managing projects.

At the same time, Phuoc also applies a lot of knowledge of personal financial management in the process of working and self-learn from the foundation of what he has learned from the school. Phuoc won the Best Student Award of Business Administration while studying at FPT University. "It can be said that a leaflet had entice me to FPT University and made me change so much" - Phuoc added.

In the near future, Phuoc wants to continue studying, cultivating self-study skills to the best he can. Phuoc also wants to spend more time to support members in English Funny Club and help the club continue to develop in the long term. As for Be The Best English, Phuoc said that he will continuously focus on improving lectures and updating new effective learning methods for students.


When asked to share experiences, Phuoc revealed some logical thinking and tools that he thought would be suitable for nowadays students: "The first is" Be all in or get all out. There’s no halfway ". No matter what you do, you must put your heart into it or not do it at all, but absolutely do not do things half-heartedly. Whether studying, working or playing.

The second is managing personal finances and time properly. Even if you are a student, you should have a habit of managing your money, allocating reasonable expenses for long-term goals. Time management will help you have more opportunities, excel in your achievements, abilities, soft skills as you know how to use time appropriately, have a high sense of discipline in not spending time for useless purposes ”.



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