FPT University introduced practical training model at Southeast Asia conference

30 AUN-QA universities representatives participated in the conference The model of practical training right in enterprises (On the Job Training - OJT) was introduced by FPT University at the Leadership Meeting and International Conference ASEAN Universities Network- Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) organized in the Philippines recently.

International Conference and Leadership Meeting to ensure quality is one of the annual activities of AUN-QA targeting the development in ensuring the quality of higher education, especially in Southeast Asian countries. 

The 2019 International Conference theme is: "To be or not to be: Outcomes-based Education and AUN-QA Quality Culture in Practice" (roughly translated: Education based on results and actual quality culture). Representatives had discussed many important issues related to quality assurance in Southeast Asian universities. This is seen as a survival and development strategy in education today.

This year, FPT University introduced the training program, especially introduced the OJT phase (On-the-job training is a practical training model right at the enterprise) to the conference. This is the characteristic of FPT University comparing to other universities when training in the form of close adherence to businesses, linking training with practice, research - deployment and the most modern technologies.

After the first 5 semesters, provided with English and the major's basic skills, students are allowed to participate in internships at domestic and foreign enterprises. Here, students get practical experience about future careers, participate in real projects and can be paid just like real employee.

FPT is now officially recognized as an associate member of AUN - QA. This organization has had 30 official members and 88 associate members so far.
Joining AUN - QA is an opportunity for FPT University to strengthen socialization, cooperation, learning and exchange on developing training programs. FPT University also identified the position of training programs in the region is as a foundation to build a development roadmap for the training program towards the target of reaching international standards so it clearly demonstrate the internationalization of the school.

AUN is the ASEAN University Network (ASEAN University Network) established in November 1995 after the 4th Summit held in 1992 calling for countries in order to promote unity and solidarity in the region through the development of human resources to strengthen the regional universities and higher education institutions networks.

The university network in Southeast Asia currently has 30 members (Brunei: 1; Cambodia: 2; Indonesia: 4; Laos: 1; Malaysia: 5; Myanmar: 3; Philippines: 3; Singapore: 3; Thailand: 5 and Vietnam: 3).



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