FPT University lecturers are judges of the English speaking contest

Ms. Cecile, an English lecturer at FPT University, is the judge of the final round of the English Speaking Contest for secondary and high school students.

The contest attracted the participation of more than 100 students in Ho Chi Minh City.

The final round names the 10 best students. They presente their points of view and answer questions in English on topics: application of science and technology, family affection and school issues ... The confidence and the ability to speak English fluently of the contestants made the final vibrant and captivating. In the end, Vo Hien Hai Thuan (Nguyen Hue Secondary School) won the first prize with a scholarship of 10,000 USD.


Ms. Cecile - lecturer of FPT University said: “I am very excited when young people can listen and speak English fluently. You have expressed your opinions on many issues in society in a witty and very personal way”. Cecile hopes that students will improve their foreign language skills to catch up with the global trend through rewarding contests.

FPT is one of the few universities teaching and studying in 100% English. English specialized curriculum of students is imported directly from famous publishers around the world. Right from the first year, undergraduates are learned the basic English program which is divided into 5 levels. By level 5, students are allowed to study abroad. While Integrating in an international environment with the language of communication is entirely English, FPT University students start forming English speaking reflexes and become confident when interacting with international friends.

Facing the trend, FPT University pays special attention to foreign language training for students. By the second year, students will not only study specialized subjects in English, but also learn another language in parallel. Students of Information Technology group are allowed to study Japanese as a second language and Chinese for those studying Economics.

During the time studying at FPT University, students will participate in many exchange activities and international experiences such as: Cultural Journey across Southeast Asia, exchange students with Universities around the world, 48h moving abroad ... Upon graduation, FPT University students will be ready to transport globally with at least 2 fluent languages and the ability to integrate in the international environment. turk-eczanesi.com.



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