FPT University students converse with enterprises

Recently, FPT University students had the opportunity to talk with businesses and meet with more than 20 companies wishing to recruit Internships and Jobs at the "Enterprises and FPTU Students" talkshow. The Talkshow series includes 4 sessions for students of the fields being trained at FPT University.

The program took place at Innovation Building, Quang Trung Software City, Ho Chi Minh City. Students attending will be career-oriented, ready for the upcoming OJT (internship in business).

Mr. Than Van Su - Head of Training Department of FPT University said: "The program to create conditions for students to talk with businesses is an extremely rewarding activity that brings many internships and employment opportunities for students in all study areas. The Talkhow series takes place 1.5 months before the student's internship, and through discussions with company leaders, students can learn about corporate culture, working environment and ability to respond to the work at your own business, prepare your luggage for conquering upcoming employers".


Many students confidently ask questions.

The talk show is organized in each field of study, helping businesses gain deeper insight into students in each industry, including students preparing to go to OJT. From there, they can understand the strengths, characteristics of the students and give better career-oriented advice for them after graduation.

At the Talkshow, artist Phan Ngoc Vinh - Founder and CEO of Saigon Advertising and Heritage Company first came to meet with enthusiastic students of Business Administration and Graphic Design: "The right job for you is plentiful, but what important is your ability to learn and your will to cultivate yourself. In today's environment, you need a lot of skills, knowing more about what you are learning in school to be able to work and adapt. A Graphic Designer - you can paint, advertise, cartoon, games ... or participate in social projects honoring cultural beauty and preserving heritage, sacred works".

Within the program's framework, FPT University students were also able to exchange experiences with previous alumni, who attain success and have good working positions in the businesses returning to recruit more: Nguyen Son Ha - 4th-generation student, working on Project Development Board at FPT Software; Nguyen Quoc Huy - Alumni of the fifth generation, Marketing Director of Passio Coffee chain; Le Anh Duy - Recruitment Specialist of DHL eCommerce Vietnam, a 6th-generation student and former Head of FMU Club at the school.

Mr. Duy opened his heart to the junior students: “Duy wants to work as well as create many opportunities for my school's students. Duy always endeavors to connect with the Corporation in foreign countries to cooperate in many fields and recruit FPT University students. Currently, DHL is recruiting many positions for both internships and jobs such as: Commercial, General Management, HR, IT, Finance, Customer Service ... DHL is a good working environment, being dynamic, having good compensation, and extremely treasuring the talent ".


For the first time visiting and interacting with FPT University students, Cat Tien Sa Company has a special privilege when coming with 03 famous representatives in the entertainment industry: Mr. Tuan Anh - Director in charge of Youtube, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tung - Content Director and Ms. Dang Thanh Nhuong - Human Resources Director.


Ms. Thanh Nhan shared about office culture in Cat Tien Sa.

"Cat Tien Sa Human Resources Director is enthusiastic: “Cat Tien Sa is an extremely dynamic working environment, with a full range of fields: TV entertainment, Organization of producing large television gameshows like The Voice, The Voice Kids, The XFactor, Sing My Song, The Face, etc .; Cats Digital Marketing; Cats Advertising; Viva Tv; Viva Network; Saostar; Cats Game; Vmelody; Etc. ... open thousands of job opportunities for FPT University students in all avaiable courses. Later on, the company is eager to attend events with the students to share and advise more about skills and requirements in professional practice ”.

"The ""Enterprises and FPTU Students"" Talk Show in early April brought a lot of useful information, multi-dimensional perspectives for students from more than 20 businesses, and also offered attractive Employment and Internship opportunities. The program is divided into several sessions according to each field group:

IT industry: FPT Software, FaceSeo, Wisky, TMA Solutions, Apitiny, Splus Software, Knorex Vietnam.
Graphic Design Industry: Cat Tien Sa Company, FaceSeo Company, Wisky Company, Saigon and Heritage Company Economic industry: Saigon and Heritage Company, Saigon Realty Company, Gimasys Company, Pasio Coffee Chain, MCA Group Company, DHL Company, Wisky Company Japanese Language industry: TMA Solutions, Act Brain and CA Advance.






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