FPT University students’ opinions after 1 month of OJT in the Philippines

After completing their fifth semester, a group of FPT University undergraduates registered On the Job Training in the Philippines. This is their opinions during the semester.

Nguyen Le Thao Trang

The OJT program is very useful to me, I learn and discover a lot of new things in a different country. I have the chance to cultural exchange with the Filipinos. Playing and studying together with them. The country, as well as the people here, is very friendly and lovely. I thank the school for organizing the OJT program for us to have a useful opportunity to study and play.

Nguyen My Hieu

In the OJT program, I got to experience many things like culture, food and people. The Philippines has a lot of beautiful scenery, the sky is very beautiful so I took a lot of pictures. I only need to raise the camera and the photo is immediately pretty. When I first started the internship I thought that I would get a lot of pressure but it was not like that, our supervisors were really kind and adorable. They were always easy going towards us so we don’t feel a lot of pressure. The people here are very friendly, but they don’t have the same diet as Vietnam so I’m a bit picky, there is only one restaurant named Inasal that has the same tastes as Vietnam so I ate there a lot.


Truong Thi Minh Huyen

After a few weeks of joining the OJT program of the university, I felt that it is very worthwhile. It brought back to me many life experiences as well as academic knowledge. We got trained in a very active environment. We gained many interesting experiences in this internship.


Pham Nguyen Thanh Dung

After more than a month living in the Philippines, I can see that life here is quite laid back, the people are very friendly, the food tastes quite fitting, especially from the famous restaurant here such as Inasal and Chow King. Furthermore, the distance from my lodging to the commercial centre in Manila is not that far and the price for transportation is not that high. In general, there are a lot of things that I’m not that satisfied with but whatever, when in Rome, do what the Romans do.


Ngo Thi Thuy Trang

Interning at the Microtel hotel is a very interesting experience. The thing that I like the most in the Philippines is that the people are very friendly, funny and enthusiastic, everybody knows English so it’s very easy to communicate with the locals. Thank you FPT University for creating an opportunity for us to train here.



Dau Thuy My

The second day I came to IIST, I got to join a party with the Taiwanese international students as well as a few numbers of IIST’s students. It was honestly very flashy. 


Huynh Minh Quan

Thanks to the program, we learnt to be more independent and active in our lives through working and studying far away from our families. “Travel broadens the mind.”


Phan Thi Diem Tham

I went through half the journey already, it’s so fast and sad. I got interacted with a realistic working environment in a hotel, it required me to communicate using English. I’m impressed with the people here, they speak English well, making friends with the Filipinos is very fun, they’re very cute and friendly. I also got to explore many beautiful places in the Philippines like Tagaytay, Manilla…I thank our school for creating an opportunity for us the experience many new things like this.


Do Nguyen Giang Thanh

Currently, after staying here in about 1 month, I felt that the people here are very friendly and enthusiastic. The internship here is very active and fun. The people here are environmentally friendly, they use a lot of public transportation, that is the most impressive point. The food here is a lot cheaper compared to Vietnam, but they eat a lot of pork and chicken instead of eating vegetables, it’s not healthy. There are a lot of beautiful tourism attraction here, if I have the chance to go back, I will definitely visit more islands in order to know more about the Philippines. The people here use English as their second language, it made me felt like my English has improved during my time staying here.



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