FPT University teachers share with students the skill of using information

MSc. Nguyen The Hoang, Lecturer of FPT University, opened the talk "Finding and using information for studying in the digital age" with many interesting contents. The program was held at Trung Vuong High School (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City).

Many students are interested in learning how to arrange time, how to work in groups, useful website addresses, worth reading books and technological thinking from a witty teacher.

Thinking leads action

At the beginning of the talk, he told the story of the Chicken Eagles. There are 2 Eagles hatching in a chicken egg. One believes it is a chicken and quietly lives in a right life. The other finds himself with a very different appearance. One day, the chickens saw the Eagles flying in the sky, the Chicken Eagle believed that, with feathers and wings like this, it could fly. All the chickens said: It cannot happen, because we are chickens, we cannot fly! But he still believed he could fly.

He spread his wings, walked a few steps on the ground, and crouched into the sky above the presence of chickens. Mr. The Hoang said: “If you believe that you are an ordinary person, you will live a normal and tasteless life just like what you believed. If you ever dreamed, follow that dream and don't live like a chicken.” He asserted that thinking will determine the actions of a man.


In the digital age, the Internet is no stranger to everyone. However, how to use the Internet effectively depends on the thinking of each person. Every student has equal access. The approach to promoting understandings or submerging in negative problems is one person's choice. Play video games or programmatically create games? Use a phone or a making mobile phones mindset? Chat, like on social networks or use social networks to expand knowledge?

Different from using the Internet for entertainment and playing games, "people" of Information Technology tend to think in a creative way. Together with the need, it is the source of all creativities and technological innovations.

Learn how to manage your life

In the book "Secret of the Millionaire Mind," T. Harv Eker said: "If you want to fly as high as a phoenix, don't practice swimming like ducks. If you believe you always have the qualities, go looking for opportunities ... to find the best development environment. The real story is about people who have qualities and aspirations, regardless of where they come from, if they are taken under wings, they will become influential people to the community. ”
A detail in the story of Alice and the cat was mentioned by the teacher which is when Alice asked the cat for directions when she did not know where to go. However, the cat answered: when you don't know where to go, you can go every way. Mr. Hoang said the appropriate environment would help each person develop their thinking. Choosing the right school and career is originated from the life management plan.


Anh Vi - a student of class 10A5 of Trung Vuong High School cherished her dream of becoming a Programmer when she realized that she likes Pascal lessons. It is also one of the subjects that Vi has a high overall score. Vi had set a goal and began to research about her favorite career.

Meanwhile, Phuong Nam, a student in class 10A3 is interested in Economics. Nam recorded in his notebook very carefully the websites that Mr. Hoang shared. Nam's goal is to enter a dynamic university to help him have more experience. Many students haven’t known their strengths and weaknesses. In addition to personality tests, students need to have environments to experience. The sharing session "Finding and using information for studying in the digital age" has brought a lot of useful knowledge for high school students.




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