FPT University teaches major with tremendous annual salary of 500 million VND

With the salary rate that could reach 500.000 USD/year at Silicon Valley and 22.000 USD/year in Vietnam, AI (Artificial Intelligence) expert is currently a lucrative occupation, along with that AI also got voted as the hottest major in 2019 and in the future. This major is intended to be trained by FPT University in the incoming year.

Tremendous salary

According to The New York Times, one Ai expert even if lacking in experience could also be paid from 300.000 to 500.000 USD per year, not including the additional reward from stocks.

At DeepMind (London), the AI Research Center of Google had to pay a sum of 138 million USD for over 400 employees in 2016. It is estimated that the salary of one employee here is 345.000 USD.

In Vietnam, the salary rate that employers offer for AI engineers is also very high, likely reaching to 22.000 USD/year (approximately about 500 million VND/year), according to the “April 2018 Vietnam IT market and manpower status report” recently published by TopDev.

In order to explain this, economic experts assume that internationally, manpower of the AI field is very rare. According to a survey of Element AI research department in Canada, it is estimated that there are only 22.000 people in the world with the necessary abilities to seriously research AI.

“Specifically, in Vietnam’s market, there are currently a lot of small and large startup developing projects with the potentials to relate directly to AI and Machine Learning, creating many exceptional values for the entire technology field in general. In addition to this development, the salary rate as well as the popularity of AI Engineers is predicted to increase exponentially in the upcoming years.” said Nguyen Huu Binh – CEO of TopDev.

In thirst for manpower

Under the pressure of the Information Technology field, other traditional professions are slowly losing their competitive advantage and businesses kept requiring less and less employee to maintain, leading to unemployment. In addition to that the programming field is currently having more and more requirement for well-trained manpower. 

Throughout the recent years, large domestic firms like FPT, Viettel, VNG,… have all begun to research and gave birth to solutions and ideas about AI products development that could be applicate in real life. Thanks to the rapid growth, the IT market have yet to catch on and manpower slowly become scarce. Almost all students in this field got head hunted by numerous corporations through multi million dollars projects along with tremendous salary offers right from the second and third year of university.

Christ Nicholson, CEO cum founder of Skymind, startup of AI says: “The need of this field is very high yet the number of experts with skills are too low.”

In Vietnam, even though the salary rate could reach 500 million VND/year, many companies still have trouble finding the suitable candidates. 

According to the experts’ prediction, until 2020 Vietnam’s market would need 500.000 programmers. Meanwhile there are only 200.000 competent programmers that could satisfy work requirements. In conclusion, in the upcoming time, Vietnam’s market will lack a large amount of programmers with professional abilities.

Where to study programming?

In the world, presently all college courses relative (more or less) to AI are facing overload status. Especially in prestigious universities like Stanford, AI courses like CS224N – Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning or CS231N – Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition receive hundreds of thousands of enrolment application from international students while these classes only accept about ten or more students per year.

At FPT University, this was the second year that the AI major belonging to the Information Technology major executed application and receive the attention and preference of many technologically passionate youth.

From the foundation of the Information Technology major, the AI major will introduce and deeply research specialized system of human–machine interaction and application in environments like cross platform, image and audio processing, large data analyzation. 

Balancing between theory with application and practice, furthermore, FPT University’s students have at least one semester with realistic training at famous domestic and foreign software company, learning opportunities from experts within the field, career objective orientation and studying at later phases will assist future engineers with experience and abilities suitable with employment requirements.

It is worth noting that Information Technology is a prestigious and long-established major of FPT University. Currently, FPT University’s students have been working, studying in countries like America, Germany, Japan, Singapore…important Information Technology market of the world. This is the result of an international qualified program, intensive in foreign language education, soft skills development with graduation orientation fulfilling businesses requirements.



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