FPT University will open a new major in Artificial Intelligence

FPT University will add Artificial Intelligence (AI) to its Software Engineering courses, aiming to build a high-quality IT staff, enhance added value as well as dominate Vietnam's software technology field.


 In the software engineering program at FPT University, students will learn two basic modules: compulsory modules (first 6 semesters) and elective modules (last 4 semesters). For the latter, students may choose one of the four specialized subjects to study and complete their graduation projects including: Embedded Systems; Information System; Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Bridge System Engineer in Japan.


 A representative of FPT University shared that students now have the opportunity to access knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI) in the elective module. The new subject will help the youth community in general and FPT University students in particular to be a step closer to AI's developments worldwide.


With the specialized AI program, students will be well-equipped with knowledge of top future tech skills such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cloud Computing. The program aims to provide students with the know-how to apply new technologies into the development and deployment of advanced IT services. FPT University is now a pioneer of Vietnam's higher education, changing the educational approach to help graduates face the challenges of development in AI and technology.


 At FPT University, software engineering is the most reputated and oldest major. At present, many FPT University students have worked and studied in developed countries such as USA, Germany, Japan and Singapore – the world’s major IT markets. This is the result of the international standard training program, focusing on foreign languages, developing soft skills to meet the needs of enterprises.


 Software Engineering courses offer a 4-year training (with 10 semesters), designed to integrate the balance between fundamental knowledge and new technology. Accordingly, FPT University's Software Engineering not only includes the basic science knowledge of the IT industry but also the full training of software development process such as methodology and technology in analysis, design, development, testing, software maintenance and project management as well as IT applications; enjoying a harmony between theory and practice (theoretical lessons account for half of the subject's length at best).

 FPT students have at least one semester of studying and doing internship at well-known software companies in the country and abroad, learning from experts in the field and building their career orientation.


Source: FPT Education

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