FPT University’s Information Technology training program continues to receive the Sao Khue award

FPT has 8 products, software and information technology services that had received the 2019 Sao Khue award. Furthermore, the training of Information Technology of FPT University was 1 of 10 products and services that got the highest ratings.



On 21/4/2019, the announcement and bestowal of the 2019 Sao Khue award
annually coordinated by the Union of Software and Services CNTT (VINASA) had taken place in Ha Noi. According to the statistics, FPT has 8 products, software and information technology services that were able to receive this award.

Particularly, FPT University’s training of Information Technology was one of ten products and services that got the highest rating in the 2019 Sao Khue award and also obtained VINASA’s recommendation for participating in the APICTA award - the award for the most reputable and prestigious in the field of Information Technology in the whole Asia-Pacific region. The remaining 7 products and services of FPT that were awarded are the enforcement of capital safety system - FPT.CARS, Ecloud invoice software - FPT.eInvoice, the FPT information integration and processing database - FPT.Fortuna, the informational surveillance service for small and medium companies - FPT.EagleEye MDR, the employment website for technologically based occupations - FPTJobs.com, FPT HI GIO CLOUD, FPT integer processing service.


FPT University defines the quality of Information Technology programs


The vice president of VINASA, Nguyen Dinh Thang commented: “FPT is one of the top enterprises in the field of Information Technology of Vietnam. That is why it is understandable that FPT would overwhelm the award list. Throughout the years, FPT University was a cradle that nurtured the Information Technology workforce and the digitization for our country.”

According to the evaluation of the preliminary council of the 2019 Sao Khue award, this year especially have the most diverse number of awards spanning through many different fields.  In order to select the products, winning services, organizational unit, VINASA had to depend on multiple requirements. Including creativity and the ability to impact the digitization of the country and economic efficiency. The products of FPT all got high ratings from all of these criteria. FPT made products especially got regarded by the judges as having high competitive abilities, satisfying the requirements for maximizing work procedures, increasing productivity, conserving funds, escalating profits for businesses,...


Top 10 2019 Sao Khue award-winning products and services:

1 - BRAVO 8 software of BRAVO software stock company.

2 - Solutions to the management of small and medium hotels on the Ecloud database ezCloudHotel of ezCloud Technology Pte. Ltd.    

3 - FPT University’s Information Technology training services.

4 - The handwriting recognition app SmartOCR of GMO-Z.com RUNSYSTEM.

5 - Telepro of Vietnam Intercom company.

6 - Olympus data processing system - the transaction ecosystem, e-wallet and digital bank of Lien Viet Technology.

7 - The accounting software for small and medium businesses MISA SME.NET of MISA Joint Stock Company. 

8 - The media solution software Bigdata of the cross-platform service and VAT of Mobifone telecommunication.

9 - The disaster warning system of Viettel.


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