FPT University’s students applied AI to create a criminal identification system

Using AI – Artificial Intelligence, one of FPT University’s student group has helped the camera surveillance system increase precision through the app “Criminal Face Detection”. 

Locations such as convenient stores and supermarkets could use this system to identify dangerous individuals appearing in the area. The app will warn the security staff to observe those individuals, preventing unwanted situations.

“Criminal Face Detection” identify the face frame, assisting the company in managing a list of criminals or black-listed individuals inside the area of operation. This is also the graduation project of the Information Technology students from the 10th generation at FPT University. The group consists of Le Hung Son, Vo Hoang Viet, Nguyen Thanh Nha, Nguyen Kien Huy.


Artificial intelligence is an automatic program created by humans with the aim to give computers the ability to complete activities that requires human’s cleverness. AI has been applied effectively in creating artificial assistant for top international technology companies like Apple (Siri), Microsoft (Cortana), Google (Google Assistant)…Entering the age of AI, many technology producers have integrated AI into their products, hoping to enhance life quality as well as to make the experience of their consumers more interesting.

In the introduction of their products, Lê Hùng Sơn – the group leader – said: “The system identifies the images through multiple cameras. Whenever a target appears, a signal will be immediately sent to the manager through the software, website, email or mobile app. Furthermore, every time a criminal appears or there is new criminal information, the system will record it into a list for future reference.”

The images will go through two steps of identification. First, the frames that contain the faces will be recognized and then the AI program will identify those faces. After determining all the frames with faces, the computer will convert facial attributes like eyes, nose and mouth into vector form and calculate along with comparing the similarities with existing images inside the database.

Crowded public areas are highly required to ensure security, especially with train stations or airports. Criminal Face Detection will provide the building administrator or security officers an extra layer of filter that could scan over a large scale operational area. “The automatic procession of images will reduce the workload of on shift workers and also equip them with another tool to restrict or surveillant suspicious or unwanted targets” Son added.

The daring idea was a motivation for the group of students of FPT University, especially when AI technology is in rapid development in recent years throughout many fields. The group leader also stated: “At first our group was very excited because the topic was quite interesting and its application was realistic. However, after a few meetings and discussion, we realized that this is a rather difficult topic. In four months we had to research new information like machine learning, image processing, mobile, etc. However, thanks to the aid and assistance from FPT University’s instructors, we finally complete our product.”

The thesis protection project of the group has gathered the attention of lecturers as well as the spectators attending presentation who have used modern technology to solve real problems. The group of students said that they have a lot of ideas to develop their product to be more intuitive and applicable in many different backgrounds in the future.



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