"FPTU helps me escape my fear of learning English."

That was shared by the 9th Course’s student of Software Engineering - Do Xuan Viet in the first Graduation Ceremony in 2018.

Not only a speech to thank teachers and parents often seen at graduation ceremonies, in each of Do Xuan Viet’s speech was also sharing, sympathy for students of the same age group who after that day would officially fly into a new sky.

Viet shared, in his freshman year when he started the preparatory English program at FPT from the lowest level - Top Notch Fundamental: “At that time, I decided to learn again from the beginning. I was right, I learned from the alphabet, how to read numbers ... At first, I tried to study for fear of having to repay the tuition fee, but the more I studied, the better I found it and just kept improving. A small award in the recent English Eloquence contest or more recently, the IELTS result may not be too great for many of my friends but for me, FPT really helped me escape my fear from when in high school".

Also from a green IT guy, worked and at the same time be afraid of breaking machines, after 4 years, now Viet can create a small app for himself and “last year's internship in Japan, I was confident to work with programmers from many countries without much difficulty ”.

Do Xuan Viet excellently won the AmCham Scholars Scholarship awarded by the American Trade Association.


So many difficulties, failures, failures ... the IT guy of FPT University had overcome to achieve the initial successes of youth so that he was honored to stand in front of the teachers, hundreds of parents representing 300 new bachelors, engineers and made a speech.

Do Xuan Viet was one of 12 students with outstanding academic achievements to be commended this time.


Quoted from the speech of Do Xuan Viet in the recent graduation ceremony:

“Dear delegates, teachers, parents and all students.

First of all, allow me to send my warmest greetings and thanks to the delegates, teachers and parents who took the time to share with us this great day.

Four years ago, through the school's financial support program, I was lucky enough to study and train in a modern, dynamic and truly open school. Although I know that nothing is perfect, I am convinced that what this almost ten-year-old school brings is completely worth the trust and expectation of everyone. FPT has completely changed me from the inside out.


In the first year of university, I started the preparatory English course at FPT from the lowest level - Top Notch Fundamental. Those who have known me before will not be surprised because they know that the sentence I speak the most fluently is only: I’m fine Thank you, and you? I still remember the first lesson, when the teacher read some of the "woai" homonyms that I could not distinguish: white, wine, wife or wise. At that time, I decided I had to learn again from scratch. I was right, I learned from the alphabet, how to read numbers, etc. Honestly, at first, I was just trying to study because I was afraid of repaying the tuition fee, but the more I studied it, the better I found it and just kept improving. A small award in the recent English Eloquence contest and more recently, the IELTS result may not be too great for many friends but for me, FPT really helped me to escape my fear from when in high school.

Also four years ago, I had access to specialized subjects in Software Engineering. Because I was originally a non-computer expert, when I first installed the software with a black command line, I was just afraid of the computer failing. Then through each subject, that fear also subsided so that I could write my own small app. And during my internship in Japan last year, I was confident working with programmers from many countries without much difficulty.

In order to gain the current professional knowledge or ability of foreign languages, I would like to send my thanks to all the teachers at FU who not only have great knowledge but also have always been open, listen and ready to "play" with students.

I also want to thank parents and families for always believing and following every step of our four-year college journey. Today, we can proudly say: Mom and Dad, I graduated!

Referring to FU, just mentioning education is a big mistake. My four years at the school were also the four years when my personality had changed a lot thanks to participating in extracurricular activities at FPT. From a student who completed a military month in Xuan Hoa yet there were still many classmates who did not know of his existence, now I talk more and talk endlessly. Today's speech is a prime example. The opportunity to participate in the exchange programs in and out of the association with the school opened my mind, I traveled as much as I could to see how small I was.

And the next thank you, I want to extend to all of you who have participated in creating such a colorful FU. They are seniors in the Student Affairs room, the ICPDP room, the training room, the accounting department, the testing room, the administration office and many other rooms that I myself do not know about.

Dear new graduates,


When I stand here, many of you may wonder, "Maybe Viet was “the extraordinary one", so he was favored by the school. " In fact, my achievements at FU are still modest and I have to put in more effort. I just want to share with you a few stories that few people know about behind those awards.

Before I got the Math Olympiad Award for students, I failed to get into the math team. Before my first overseas trip, I was eliminated seven times before going to Japan and China on a Scoville internship scholarship and "Huawei's telecom seeds".

And few of you will know that I used to get up from 4am to ride a motorbike to Hanoi in time to apply for a contest.

I am sure that all of us sitting here have at times do not met the set goals. But I believe, "keep going until it becomes a road", with faith and perseverance, effort, we will reach the destination.

Dear friends,


I have read all the ambitious dreams that you wrote in the Alumi book sent by the Head before publishing. In the dream section, there is an Information Security fellow who dreams of becoming a talented cyber security engineer; There was a graphic design classmate who dreamed of becoming an artist, a finance major who dreamed of becoming a bank manager, a business administration friend who dreamed of having a shoe store, a chocolate shop and many farms ... Whatever your dream, big or small, I believe that's what you want to do the most. Recently, when I graduated, some people asked me why I did not go abroad to work or compare salary and other. They thought that it was a failure of mine. But no, I think differently. Only I understand what I want to do the most, all difficulties are just tests and I only really fail if I stop pursuing the goal of life.

I wish your dreams will come true.

I'm waiting for the day to come and enjoy the cake and buy shoes at your store! ”

Nick name: Do Xuan Viet

Date of birth: February 26, 1995

9th course’s student majoring in Software Engineering - FPT University

Idols: billionaire Jack Ma


Geek Salon Global Scholarship, June 2017

"YOLA Scholar Scholarship" Scholarship June 2017

Scoville Scholarship 7/2017

“AmCham Scholars” Scholarship 1/2018

Top 12 - "Super Leader 2016" Reality TV program 08/2016

Third prize - English Composition Competition 04/2016

Rank 5 - S.M.A.C Programing Challenge 12/2015

First prize in the "IChallenged" contest of experimental model in November 2015

Third Prize - Vietnam Mathematics Competition for students 04/2015

Second prize - debate contest "Voice out" in 12/2014

FPT University’s Nguyen Van Dao scholarship September 2013

Second prize - National Math Olympiad in February 2013

First Prize - Math Competition of Mathematics and Youth Magazine January 2013


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