“Gasping”‌ ‌at‌ ‌the‌ ‌Vovinam‌ ‌performances‌ ‌of‌ ‌FPT‌ ‌University‌ ‌Students‌

After an exciting competition day, FPT University students outstandingly won 1 gold medal and 2 bronze medals at the fifth Traditional Open College Games on Apr 15, 2018.

With almost 40 participating units from different provinces, various sporting competitions like Vovinam, karate, football, badminton, volleyball... , the event is an opportunity for the participating groups to meet each other and contribute to the health-enhancing movement, thereby developing related expertise, building solidarity for future growth.


“Nghẹt thở” với những màn trình diễn Vovinam của sinh viên ĐH FPT
“Gasping” at the Vovinam performances of FPT University students

Vovinam Club - FVC participated in the event as FPT University’s representative. Thanks to his relentless training and absolute confidence, the athlete Nguyen Thanh Tien - FPT University student won the gold medal in the Long Ho Quyen competition. Besides, Hoang Bach Ty and Huynh Minh Duc from FPT University’s Vovinam Club were both awarded two bronze medals. 

In the spirit of developing martial arts and honouring the lasting relations among the participating units, the sporting event enjoyed a joyful and lively atmosphere. It started with a performance of fluid yet dynamic martial arts moves by female athletes from 12 units (universities, colleges and institutes). The lucky triumphant champion of this year was the athlete Nguyen Thi Huong with her Thap Tu Quyen performance. 

“My heart was skipping a beat, only when the results were announced that I could finally relax. Right now I only want to say thanks to my teachers, for their detailed guidance and tremendous support. If you ask me the key to winning a Gold medal, it would be training hard under teachers’ instructions and being confident in yourself” - FPT University’s Vovinam athlete Nguyen Thanh Tien, K12 Software Engineering student shared wittily. 


Nhiều bạn ghi lại những khoảnh khắc thi đấu tuyệt vời của sinh viên ĐH FPT
Many people captured amazing competing moments of FPT University’s Vovinam athletes

Having supported the athletes spiritually, teacher Vo Minh Luan couldn’t hold his happiness when his students got awarded: “At first I was really worried, worried that my students would be mentally shocked and would not perform their very best. But I saw that they had improved a lot and had an excellent mood. I wanted to say that ‘just get out there and do your best while I’ll handle the rest’. By the way, I, on behalf of FPT University’s Vovinam unit, am grateful  to the event, for creating a fun playground for students to compete, exchange with others and showcase their abilities.”


Thầy Võ Minh Luân động viên tinh thần thi đấu của sinh viên ĐH FPT
Teacher Vo Minh Luan encouraged FPT University’s Vovinam athletes

To be worthy of the saying “longing for changes”, with their strenuous practice and inquiring minds, the athletes from Vovinam Club promised to try their best to bring back glory to FPT University in the sixth Traditional Hoa Sen College Games - 2019.





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