I'm really proud of my failures

Representing more than 143 new graduates and engineers speaking at the graduation ceremony of 2018, Nguyen Viet Tu revealed his own story. The dream to set foot in another country was thought to hopeless, however opened up when Tu officially received a job in Japan right after graduation. Tu's story had become the driving force of many other young people.

Nguyen Viet Tu is a student of course 10, Software Engineering. Opening his share, Tu recalled the most familiar things when studying at FPT University: "Today I was suggested by my seniors to share stories about how to study 9 subjects in 10 weeks, how to land a job abroad when I have yet to graduate ... But I think, is it necessary or not? After all this happened the past, belonged to the time of daily schooling, climbing 5 floors and fingerprint attendance taking". Tu then replaced these with 3 more familiar stories.

The first story, Tu told us about his desire to travel abroad which had been extinguished and Tu understood that there were too many things, even though if we try it just cannot be achieved. "The first story happened 7 years ago, when I was still a 12th grade student. I dreamed of going abroad, but my family’s conditions did not allow me to. I spent a lot of time hunting many scholarships in various countries. Although my parents were very supportive and willing to help, my conscience made me feel that I should still hide my family and mostly I would save money on my own to cover the costs of paper works.


Still diligently pursuing my dream, Tu forgot about the precious things around, including a favorite major and his parents at his side. "At the end of the day, my efforts paid off. I received a passing notice of half full scholarships at a school in Japan but the rest still surpassed my ability to pay. Compared to previous failures, this kind of success was even more painful, my feelings when I received the notice were jealousy, self-pity, at that time I really wanted a miracle, but in the end, there was nothing. At that time, I had pursued my dream of studying abroad for almost 3 years, and it was the first time I stopped and realized my parents were so old. I stopped all these half-hearted days of neglecting my studying to hunt opportunities, stopped wasting more times for my selfish and costly search and spent time on a more normal goal. Sometimes, when frantically pursuing a dream, people don't realize themselves and many other important things around them have started to run out. Besides dreams and success, there are still many other important things ".


The last story I want to tell is when Tu returned to a slower life. "I took the university entrance exam, I got into an academic field that was not very interesting, so when my peers were about to graduate, I returned to the starting point. I thought, if I could not study abroad then at least I want to go to an international school, with an English curriculum and open up more opportunities to go abroad. I found FPT University. When I wrote the thesis for scholarship, I remember I wrote that "I have nothing more special than others. If there is anything I am proud of myself more than others, it is I fail more." And yes, I am really proud of my failures and I was able to get up. " The story of the last efforts brought Tu a 100% scholarship of FPT University.

"FPT University is my door, and until today, the last day of being a student, I have never regretted. I was able to study the program in English, the foreign curriculum as I wish. I met teachers who have experience, expertise, and are also very cool ”. Tu talks about his university and the teachers who have been with him for 4 years.

Nguyen Viet Tu was named the student with outstanding academic achievements. Immediately after graduation ceremony, Tu set out for Japan, accepting a job at JEIS Group


"Later, if I can go to a place far away, like Harvard, I will miss the" Hahahaha "laugh of Mr.Su, Mr.Hung’s several month leading the graduation thesis project, remember the warm friendliness of Mr. Khanh, remember Ms.Chung and her fun lessons. She was the first person whom I wrote an email expressing feelings after the end of the course. And finally, Mr. Hoang, who was not just a teacher but also a friend, guided not only in the classroom, but in everything else in life, along with many other teachers, each person who has given me a ride. And more importantly, FPT University really opened up for me many opportunities for students exchange and I got nominated by the school and the next morning, I will officially set foot in Japan to receive an official job at JEIS, a subsidiary of JR Railway Group in Japan. This is the first job after a student life, and my dream 7 years ago now appears again before my eyes ".

What happened to Nguyen Viet Tu was enough for him to contemplate the meaning for himself and share it with everyone: "It turns out, when desire is strong enough, every path we take will lead to what we want the most sooner or later. And it’s never too late to make your dream come true. The miracle of life really exists, and each of us has the power to create things that seem to be miracles for my own life ".


Also in the ceremony, Tu and graduates bowed to show their gratitude to their parents and teachers, to thank them and also promise to continue to keep trying on their own journey. Tu expressed his heartwarming words: "There was a saying: his father carried him, they both laughed, he carried his father, they both cried. We thank our parents, our godparents, our guardians, who have carried us on your shoulders to this day. Parents have been working hard, from now on, let us walk on our feet, carry you the rest of the way. The teachers, the first day we entered the school, bowed our head, wished to receive the teaching. Today, walking out of that great door, once again, we would like to bow our heads for all that has been taught throughout the years ".


Finally, FPT University alumni sent to their friends: "And finally, as I said at the beginning, when I finished telling my story, it's now time for you to tell your story. Hopefully at that time, I and all of you have climbed over the other side of the rainbow, where we see all of our dreams.



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