Information Assurance Hotboy who received a 100% scholarship

Mr. Le Trung Dung, a 100% scholarship Information Assurance student who represented all K14 students, spoke at the opening ceremony of the new school year.


With excellent academic achievements, Le Trung Dung won a 100% scholarship to become a K14 student of FPT University Information Assurance major. For Dung to achieve this result is a great honor and pride. Let's review Dung's content at the Opening Ceremony:

Honestly, my passion and interest in mathematics is what brings me to science and technology, to the IT industry in general and the Information Assurance industry in particular. Learning math has long been a pleasure for me and especially the unforgettable experiences that math games bring. Fortunately, I have been quite successful with mathematics, from awards in large and small competitions, to years studying in advanced math class and finally achieved a 100% scholarship of the University. FPT university.

Through research and thanks to many advisors, I have partly understood the nature of knowledge and the work of Information Assurance industry. I know that the potential of Information Assurance career is very high, it helps a lot for the society, for the shortcomings in the national management system and has a great potential in innovation, global integration. Most importantly, as an environment that requires logical thinking, mathematical knowledge and creativity, I know that this is a place that can help me continue to nurture my passion for math. However, it is really a disadvantage that I am not as knowledgeable in the industry as many other friends and I understand that I still have to keep trying and striving continuously in the upcoming learning process so as not to waste what the school has given me.

The decision to choose the Information Assurance field of FPT University for the long run is a decision that has a great impact on me and at the same time I believe this is the best decision. Not only is this a leading school for technology training, it is also an extremely dynamic and is a youthful environment, with a training model that is always innovating and catching up with the global trend. In particular, FPT University is founded by FPT Corporation and the form of training is always closely associated with businesses, combine training with practice, give students a lot of the experience needed and important for the future career.


Today, in this exciting opening ceremony, with every new student, we are definitely excited and worried. Entering the university lecture is a big turning point in our life, there will be no shortage of surprises, difficulties and initial chaos when having access to a completely new environment of high autonomy, a new training methods and a spirit of living and learning different from when we were in high school. But we believe that with the enthusiastic and friendly spirit of the seniors, the Bro & Sis and especially the leaders and lecturers who are dedicated to the cause of transmitting fire to students, with experience in work and life, we will be equipped with the best tools on the long and promising journey ahead.



Dear parents, for the opening ceremony today, we would also like to thank parents for always loving, caring, encouraging during the past time and for creating favorable conditions for us to pursue the right passions and aspirations at FPT University. We promise that we will always try to learn, develop and express ourselves, because we are responsible for our own future and above all because of all the love that our parents have given us.
Finally, on behalf of all new K14 students, I wish all delegates, teachers, parents and students good health, success and happiness. Wish all K14 new students will have the most brilliant and memorable student life together at FPT University's common house.
Sincerely thank you for your attentive listening!


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