Information Technology training category of FPT conquered the 2018 Sao Khue title.

Recently, VINASA (Vietnam Software and IT Services Association) has magnificently organized the 15 years of Sao Khue memorial, announcing and granting the 2018 Sao Khue title for 73 excellent products, services and software solutions, Information Technology of Vietnam during 2018.


The important event was participated by the director of the Information and Media department – the patron of the event, the director of the Science Committee, Technology and Congress environment, party committee of industries, Industry and Trade Department, the Ha Noi People’s Committee along with more than 500 delegates who is leaders and officers belonging to the national software and IT services businesses.


In 2018, inside the educational service field: FPT Edu was one of the first educational institutions that applied advanced educational technology into teaching and studying like constructivism theory, teaching through projects, online training, etc.


In particular, FPT University is always attentive towards an education structure that has a strong link with the Information Technology businesses, holding education and reality together, along with research and deployment of the latest technology.


Truong Gia Binh – President of VINASA, director of the Sao Khue organizer team said: “With the pioneering role in the 4th technology revolution, the Sao Khue title will keep on innovating, advancing the role and quality of the program; the association also called out to related businesses to try their best and keep up with the creativity, focusing on digitization, developing high quality products and services that follows the latest technological trends like: AI, Robotics, Big Data, Automation, 3D printing, VR,AR,…Not only satisfying the demand of Vietnam but also pushing towards to the international market, especially the key market of Japan, North America and Europe.”


FPT has also recorded many important milestones of the digitization field like the announcement of the foundation of FPT.AI, successfully tested the self-driving car, becoming a top partner of the first-rate international digital providers companies like AWS, Simens, GE, Microsoft, SAP…The digitization service of FPT is currently being provided for more than 210 clients on a global scale.



 According to the organizer team, the 2018 Sao Khue event has received 103 accommodations from 80 organizations and enterprises throughout the whole nation. After the preliminary round, there were 92 chosen accommodations, the preliminary council has established 14 realistic delegations with their members representing departments, specialization, experts, media outlets. On the principles of practical grading results, on 2/4/2018 the national general enrolment council had a meeting to examine and judge.




The Sao Khue program keeps on renewing throughout the years in order to satisfy market demands and become a prestigious icon of the Information technology software and services of Vietnam. It is also a highly supportive tool for enterprises in advertising, marketing, brand building as well as assisting customers in choosing the most suitable IT software products and services.



With the message of prioritizing products, solutions and IT services, research, application and deployment of new technological trends. The 2018 Sao Khue has admitted the investment of research, development and exceptional creativity, 4/10 products, services of the Top 10 Sao Khue title followed this trend:


-          FPT Software provided digitized services with AI technology, Robotics, IoT,…For the international market with 56 million VND in revenue, through that marking Vietnam on the world map of the 4.0 technology revolution.

-          The financial connection system TIMA used technologies such as Blockchain, Big Data, AI to assist the process of purchase reaching 1 billion USD during 2017.

-          The service of banking solution of ITSOL applied the latest technology including Blockchain on the foundation of microservices, helping banks to utilize the ibanking system.

-          “Artificial smart assistance” of the centre of IT – Viettel Telecom – the industrial enterprise – Military telecom used AI technology and Big Data, early automatic warnings, suggesting optimal decisions in business through human and machine interaction.



The message of the 2018 Sao Khue was intended to orient and boost the digitization process inside organizations and enterprises, also at the same time stimulate the IT business to invest, research and develop products and services serving the digitization process, creating motivation to quickly complete Vietnam’s 4.0 technology revolution.


According to Dantri


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