Interesting with Blockchain and the launch of the Information Assurance Club

The seminar "A New Era of IT Education and Critical Emerging Technologies" which took place at the Innovation Hall had attracted many FPT University students participants in the morning of June 29. On this occasion, the FPT Information Assurance Club - FIA was also officially launched.

At the seminar, Mr. Charles Singh - Country Manager - CompTIA Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia Blockchain and ICO Enthusiast a.k.a. Crypto Singh led the IBM report sharing an overview of new technologies that cover many issues: artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous vehicle, robotics & biomics, virtual & augmented reality, blockchain. In these, blockchain is a hot topic globally.

Many students listened to sharing about Blockchain.

 The blockchain is understood as a digital ledger that records a database on the network. All copies are updated when new data or transactions are written to the blockchain through the consent of everyone involved. It is a P2P peer system, eliminating all intermediaries, enhancing security, transparency and stability as well as minimizing human costs and errors.

The seminar brings a lot of interesting knowledge.

Many people know Blockchain through Bitcoin virtual money but that's not all. Blockchain is a digital technology platform applied in many areas. Recently, Alphabet's AI Analysis Department announced the use of Blockchain as a ledger to manage health care data. The goal is to automatically record all data interacting with patients safely, connecting them to digital medical records when the patient visits. These tokens, called PTYs, will be traded through the closed ledger system to connect all in the health system, exchange health data through the HIE system - health information exchange.


Besides Blockchain, Mr. Charles Singh also shared about AI

Besides Blockchain, Mr. Charles Singh also shared about AI. AI (Artifical Intelligence) technology is the technology that simulates human processes of thinking and learning for machines, especially computer systems. Today, AI technology is a term that includes everything from robotic automation to real robots.

AI technology has received the attention of many people thanks to Big Data, the concern of enterprises about the importance of data together with hardware technology has developed stronger. From there, this allows processing AI technology to be at a faster rate than ever. Besides AI, the world is also approaching 5G - CompTIA representative added.


After the technology sharing session, the 19th club of FPT University was launched. It is the FPT  Information Assurance Club - FIA is led by Quan Kien Minh - student of the K12 course - Information Assurance major with the support of many faculty members in Information Technology. FIA is the only club at FPT University established in both regions, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City campuses.

Quan Kien Minh shared his passion of establishing an Information Assurance Club at FPT University.

In the current context, information security is of great concern to many people. In addition to FCode software-focused club, FIA debuted to become a playground for network enthusiasts. This is the club that the Personal Development Department expects to grow faster and even more than other clubs - Ms. Le Thanh Phuong Ha said.

Blockchain workshop brings interesting knowledge to FPT University students.



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