International students enjoyed Traditional Customs of Vietnamese New Year

Nearly 80 FPT University’s international students from France, Germany, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Indonesia, China and Thailand were very excited when they could ask for calligraphy, make square sticky rice cakes in the Tet folklore market which took place at Hoa Lac Campus (Hanoi) on February 2-3.

Tet market consisted of 13 booths from 13 clubs at FPT University, the bustling and colorful booths had made the spring atmosphere become closer and more lively. Besides organizing games such as smashing piggy banks, jumping stall, throwing rings, singing, enjoying dishes prepared by the students themselves, nearly 80 international students and exchange students of FPT University was also able to ask for calligraphy or get fortune-telling at the beginning of the year according to Vietnamese folk customs.

Making square sticky rice cake was one of the new experiences of many international friends.


Not only introducing Vietnamese culture to friends from other countries, FPT University also organized a contest of making square sticky rice cake, an indispensable cake in every traditional Vietnamese New Year. Square-shaped, "round" or angular "square" shape is the shapes of banh chung presented by international students at the festival to welcome Spring.

Unfamiliar with the string, banana leaves, onions and meats with grease, Amo from Thailand eagerly said that this was the first time he joined in the making of square stick rice cake, this was really an interesting experience.



 FPT University students had contributed to introducing Vietnamese traditional Tet with friends from other countries.

“Knowing that on this journey there will be activities associated with Vietnamese traditional Tet, so Amo and my friends had learned on Youtube about how to pack cakes and cake ingredients. When I made the cake by myself, the more I enjoyed the Tet holiday of the S-shaped country, ”Amo said.



Coming from European countries, Niklas Thelemann, Dominik Wihelm Gert Kessel (Germany); Laurie Dang, Deffain Elise, Mangasaryan Franck (France) and Jim Cox (the Netherlands), had never experienced the traditional Tet atmosphere. Joining this event, Jim Cox and his friends were able to learn and feel the cultural beauty of Vietnamese people. Jim Cox's sticky rice cake was not square but with this Dutch student, this would be an unforgettable experience.

This was the first time that students from Europe had experienced the Tet culture of Vietnam.

"I really feel impressed with the dynamism of Vietnamese students in general and FPT University students to be specific". Before attending the Spring Festival with many food stalls, Meen (Thai student) and friends visited Cu Chi Tunnels - one of the historical relics in Saigon. Although Meen only attended half of the journey, Meen said that "Passage to VietNam Journey" organized by FPT University from the 1st to 6th February is very interesting, Meen wishes to attend the next visit ", Mee shared.


Many clubs in the Spring Festival also plan to use the money earned from the Spring Festival to buy gifts for the children on the occasion of the upcoming Spring. Tet folklore market is more meaningful when we experience culture and connect love between different countries.


 With a dynamic and international environment, FPT University attracts students from all over the world to come study and exchange in specialized subjects, foreign languages as well as cultural exchanges. In the early days of February, the program of "Passage to VietNam Journey" attracted more than 70 students from Asian countries.


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