Japanese lecturer chose FPT University to contribute to Viet Nam’s developmen

Having been in great harmony with the Ho Chi Minh City’s lifestyle and climate, FPT University's Japanese lecturer - Mr. Kazama Kohji - decided to stop 30 years as an English teacher in Japan to live and work in Vietnam for a long term.
What made him stay is not only "because of a promise to a special friend" and he felt that he was fit for the lifestyle in this energetic city, but also because Mr. Kohji has cherished the believe of contributing to building good things for the S-shaped country.
Having been in Vietnam for one and a half year, one-third of that time that the Japanese lecturer was attached to FPT University. Before teaching here, Mr. Kohji was a lecturer at a College, standing in front of the opportunities to work at 3 other schools but he still chose FPT University.
After 6 months working at FPT University, Mr. Kohji still kept his good impression. From the perspective of a teacher coming from the land of the rising sun, one word to describe FPT University would be: "Free" (freedom). Officials and students work and study in a liberal environment but still "learn the ceremony and study literature" which is appropriate to an educational institution.

“Here, I am warmly welcomed. I have no difficulty in working. Luckily, I could speak English so the staff, lecturers and students often supported me in both languages ”- he said about his joy when he felt the friendliness of the school that he had selected. The future cannot be confirmed yet, but in the near future, he planned: “I am not young and don’t have much time. I probably can only work for about 10 more years, so this could be my last place to work. ”
In the eyes of students, Mr. Kazama Kohji is a very approachable lecturer. After classes, he would go for a walk around the corners of the campus instead of returning to the lecturers’ room. After reading the bulletin boards about club activities, Mr. Kohji often asked students to understand his students better, and also a way for him to teach students both in Japanese and English.

FPT students are quickly receptive to studying in an extroverted environment, while Mr. Kohji always cherishes the hope that can do something to contribute good values to Vietnam. Perhaps that is why he chose FPT University as he said: “Here, I think I can have the most positive impact on students, thereby affecting the future development of the city". To be more specific, Mr. Kohji shared his thoughts on the role of his workplace: “FPT Corporation and FPT University will play a big role in leading the development of Ho Chi Minh City - one of the large metropolises in Asia. As a member of such a large corporation, each staff members, lecturers and students needs a strong will and a strong heart to do this. "
To him, the young Vietnamese as well as the young Japanese will still have good points and incomplete ones. He praised Vietnamese young people: "You are very polite, smart, and fully capable to bring Vietnam overcome Japan or developed countries". At the same time, he did not forget to point out what FPT students need to deal with, one of the important things is: "Students need to make sure of the time, never be late."

His 30-year experience teaching in Japan has been applied when he came to Vietnam to take classes to make students feel that this foreign language subject is "easier". Luu Thi Thuy Hang - a student of Japanese Language spoke about her teacher: “Learning native lecturer, we learn how to pronounce and use common words in standard communication more precise. He is kind and has good voice; his Japanese pronunciation is easy to hear. Each lesson with him is extremely gentle”.


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