Love hearts after "7 days of experience"

7 days is not a long time but it is enough for many FPT University students to connect with each other and with farmers in the highland. The program "7 days of experience" in Lam Dong is like a journey for connecting hearts.



Parting day’s tears

Taking care of coffee trees, irrigating the garden behind the house, grilling snakehead together ... every memory of staying in Duc Trong - Lam Dong is a beautiful color for the young. When on the car back to the city, the BonSai team still could not hide their tears when saw uncle Phuong Su chasing after them with a motorbike to send some pepper. Meanwhile, Nhu Hao and Phuong Khanh’s suitcases are brought by family members right up to the car.

Mr. Phương - Head of Thiên Chí village, although quiet, is still very excited to welcome FPT University students to join the experience. Students coming to homestays for 7 days is an interesting challenge. For many families, the appearance of strangers makes them shy but the friendliness and sincerity of FPT University students is likable to the locals.


"2 days to get acquainted, 2 days to experience and the following days to remember" - Uncle Phuong could not help but get emotional. Meanwhile, Ms. Su - his wife meticulously showed students how to take care of pepper gardens. From watering to plant growth processes. Then each time she remembered, she felt sad when she was about to leave her friends.

6 households with students still could not hide the tears of separation. People like students for their friendliness and students love their aunts and uncles for their sincerity and enthusiasm. Leaving the hurry and noisy city, the trip helped many students felt warm with family meals.

Love heart from the letters

Experiencing the lifestyle of highland farmers is also a form of experience activities organized by FPT University. After days of eating, staying, playing, working together ... many of them "love" each other more.

Sparkling candles, soft lyrics ... made a warm farewell evening. The happiest thing was that many of the students had found love through letters.


"Sitting near each other telling stories to each other

Sad stories funny stories our stories

About the old days by the school

About today with many desires

Hold my hand firmly"

The lyrics of "Sit together" were sang to erase the distance. Many words were confided. A letter from someone to someone: "I can't describe the feeling of being with you, but maybe you'll find someone more suitable for you ... I don't know what to send you anymore" or "I know I'm a very light-hearted person, but don't be so indifferent to me like that ... when exposed to you, the atmosphere of fear disappears ... and you're in my life".

The pieces of unrequited love were finally revealed. There were couples who come together like Hoang and Hao but there were also unrequited love affairs. But the happiest thing is that the opponent has understood other’s feelings.


Back to the city, but the confessions and memories stayed at the simple highland field. Still here are the affections and maturity. A beautiful array of youth has come with "7 days of experience".


Based on the balance of knowledge and skills, NINJA (Navigating an Independent Nonstop Journey to Autonomy) program of personal development through experience by FPT University was formed. With many interesting activities such as 7 days of experience, 48 hours of movement, ASEAN P2A Journey, ...the program help students connect, control, grow and develop more comprehensively.


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