Marutou Compack Company (Japan) directly interviewed FPT University students

Representatives of Marutou Compack Company (Japan) directly interviewed FPT University students on September 12. As a result, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tien have received a job offer letter. Previously, FPT University alumni Mr. Lu Cam Toan also show how to write a CV (Curriculum Vitae) to conquer Japanese employers.


Accordingly, Mr. Yamada Kazuya - Deputy Director of Marutou Compack and Mr. Miyata Takamitsu - Head of Development Marutou Compack had a flight from Japan to Vietnam to interview. Here, students Nguyen Thanh Tien and Tran Minh Tan - students of Software Engineering have been selected after the screening round of CV.


The representative of Marutou Compack (Japan) discussed, will talk with each student in about 30 minutes.



Kết quả phỏng vấn sẽ được công bố sau 1 tuần.

Interview results will be announced by Marutou Compack (Japan) representative after 1 week.


Previously, Mr. Lu Cam Toan - FPT University alumni - Vietnam Marutou Compack (Japan) representative also held a seminar on how to write CV to conquer Japanese employers. Graduated from FPT University and working in the field of information technology in Japan, Toan wishes to be a connection to help Vietnamese students, especially FPT University students find appropriate working environment and promoting global competitiveness.


With a desire to work in Japan, student Nguyen Thanh Tien confidently participated in job interviews.


Quite nervous with the interview this morning, both students arrived early. “Everything is different from my thoughts, I don't think people ask that much, it takes so long. Last night, I think people will ask about majors and technology but this morning people ask for more details about ourselves. I want to work in a personal development environment ”- Nguyen Thanh Tien said. At the end of the interview, Tien was quite excited but also worried because he would receive a working schedule at FPT Software Joint Stock Company.

Meanwhile, Tran Minh Tan felt happy. At first, Tan did not envision what the CV needed but when instructed, he understood that writing CV to Japanese companies is very different from companies in other countries. The meticulousness, caution from each period to the ending of a sentence word. The description is brief, detailed and consistent in the use of the alphabet. Even the card image should be a formal image with the cavat. If the CV has a clear structure, the employer will be more sympathetic.


Trần Minh Tân cảm thấy đại diện công ty thân thiện sau 30 phút trò chuyện.

Student Tran Minh Tan felt that the representative of Marutou Compack (Japan) was friendly after 30 minutes of chatting.n.


“Japanese people are quite friendly when asked about their normal life, their previous internship. The interview helped me look back at the learning process at FPT University ”. Currently, with the desire to work in Japanese company, Tan is trying to conquer N3.

Marutou Compack Company is a company with a history of more than 30 years dealing in gas system management software in Japan. Currently, there are 3 former students of FPT University working here. According to Mr. Toan, the interview process in Japan is quite complicated. After selecting the CV, you will be interviewed directly with the staff, the head, the director. However, with his experience, Mr. Toan chose the right students to participate in the live interview. The representative of Japan is also quite confident about the quality of FPT University students. At the end of the interview, Nguyen Thanh Tien received a job offer from a representative of Marutou Compack Company.

A wide network of partner companies and members opens up many job opportunities for FPT University students. Many students with their abilities have affirmed the quality of human resources that are globally competitive.



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