Meaningful stories in Graphic Design Students’ film projects

Taking materials from normal life, film projects of Graphic Design students at FPT University, HCMC reflect the painful realities of the current society.

The Spring semester Graduation project protection of FPT University students took place from May 13-19, 2020 with many interesting topics. The film projects of Graphic Design students left a lot of impressions.


 Cyberbullying - Guilt line: “Keyboard Hero” issues and its dangerous consequences 


From the fact that the social network is "rampant" with abundant words and actíon of anonymous users, leading to the problem of "cyberbullying", Guilt-line will convey to viewers the the implications behind it.


According to student Nguyen Tuan Kiet, leader of the team project, this is a product that speaks for the problem of keyboard heroes and its dangers. Depending on the "dignity" and common sense of each individual, the use of social networks can bring significant benefits or harms. This is also a weakness when social network content thrives. Anyone can approach and use them as a tool to "release emotions" in many ways - even negative - as a way to attack others through virtual networks for "fun”.


"A person can create as many Facebook account as he/she wishes, can go anywhere and say anything he/she wants; and such actions have led to many unfortunate stories. That idea brings inspiration for me to implement this graduation project, ”Kiet said.


Kiet also shared that the group's graduation project - "Guilt-line" is the experience of VR technology using materials from a true story about a male student who is addicted to online gaming. The student had a fight with a friend and had his friend hospitalized. Later, this male student became the victim of "cyberbullying" by netizens. Their bullying words brought him to deep depression. In the end, this male student chose to commit suicide.  


Photo taken from “Cyberbullying - Guilt line” project

Guilt-line designing team wish to use the most realistic images of the "Keyboard heroes" to convey to the public its unpredictable dangers and consequences.


Guilt-line may be considered the most passionate product of not only myself but also the whole group in terms of visual content. Our group hope that the film will convey to viewers new images as well as practical meaning of the project.” Kiet said.


The project about Keyboard heroes and its consequences of Guilt-line team implemented VR (Virtual Reality) technology. This certainly makes a difference to the project of the group compared to other 2D or 3D short films on the domestic graphics industry nowadays.


"Viewers will experience wearing VR glasses and immersing themselves in a completely different world. Thanks to the combination of realistic images in the virtual world with outstanding sound and content, the team hopes to bring a much special product." Kiet said. 


"Mosaic" - Short 2D animation

With a short 2D film project named "Mosaic", team leader Nguyen Xuan Toan said the idea was exactly what it was called.


This is a story about pieces that are put together to create a perfect work. The film conveys the art of teamwork and the harmony between people in life. The project specifically targets students and young people who have only collided more when starting a group work. This can be said to be a very important and necessary topic. The harmony and integration of an individual with the team is an inevitable aspect of accomplishing any task.


“The team expects everyone to see the importance of teamwork and apply it into the real world. We also hope to bring a new interesting point of view for others to experience, ”said Toan.


With special features such as bright background, vibrant colors mixed with a little light gradient, combining suitable thin strokes while taking inspiration from the mosaic visual art form, "Mosaic” is definitely different with current short films on the market. 


2D "Mosaic" cartoon project


“In addition, the project uses slow, gentle to fast moving motions of film rhythm and narration. The characters are both unique and familiar in the shape of a human being, which is suitable for modern tastes. Accordingly, “Mosaic” will be a harmonious, strange and special combination that will attract viewers,” said project leader Nguyen Xuan Toan.  

3D short film "Guardians"


Another project from FPT University Ho Chi Minh City Graphic Design students is a short 3D film called "Guardian". Today, along with increasing social standards, competition and failure is inevitable. However, very few people possess an objective perception of failure. Therefore, it can easily lead people to a state of darkness and lost. That is the idea of the short film Guardian.


"The message expressed in the short film designed by FPT University students of Graphic Design department is that no matter how much you fail, you are always the only factor that can help yourself overcome. Do not let past failures affect future opportunities" said Pham Minh Nhat, Guardian film project leader.. 


The scene captured from the short 3D movie project "Guardian" 


Using 3D graphics to create an action-packed movie with a fictional plot, “Guardian" promises to bring viewers many meaningful message. The 7th art is undeniable to always have both entertainment and content value.


"Our team, as well as other Graphic & Design enthusiasts, expect the 3D graphics industry in our country to develop further in the future" Nhat shared the group's enthusiasm in implementing the project.


Along with more than 50 other topics in the project protection at FPT University in Ho Chi Minh City, these attractive short film projects of “Graphic Design Toads” are expected to contribute more colors and meaning for life. With the efforts put in developing the project, wishing that FPT University students achieve satisfactory results in the project protection!



Translated by RUBY


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