Meeting the "Handsome" twins of FPT University's 13th course

As a new student of K13 course at FPT University, the twins Nguyen Ngoc Phuoc Hung - Nguyen Ngoc Phuoc Thinh are known to many by their Singing and friendly faces as ”Handsome” standard. In particular, these 2 Graphic Design students are also very active and enthusiastic.

Let's have a quick chat with these two guys!



Hi Phuoc Hung - Phuoc Thinh, can you briefly introduce yourself?

 We are students of course 13 of FPT University and are studying graphic design at the university together.

Reportedly, when you were at Tran Hung Dao High School, two of you were a famous couple because of your academic achievements as well as participating in many different extracurricular activities, what motivates you to choose FPT, and even choose the same major at University.  Is this due to common interests or the influence of the family?

Coming to FPT University is also a charm when we accidentally saw the information of the school on Facebook, and after a period of time searching, I found FPT is a really good learning environment when it was different from what we have learned at high school level. Through the training program, FPT University teaches us soft skills and confidence in a professional working environment in the future.

In addition, studying at the school gives us a great opportunity for international integration when the school has a lot of courses abroad for students and my two brothers really like this.

As for the together study of Graphic Design, it actually comes from that we both like about painting, photography and love to create something new.  In addition, I think the two siblings in the future will complement each other a lot later.

Our parents fully support us.  Up until now at home, they have respected all decisions about the path we follow and have not forced any of their wishes.


On the sidelines a little bit, has there ever been any interesting confusion with you two?

I think anyone we just met will get confused because it's really hard to distinguish twins (laugh).  But if you are our close friends for a while, you will recognize it immediately because there will be a little difference in appearance and each of us has a different personality.

Phuoc Hung is more cheerful and more sociable, and Phuoc Thinh is a bit quiet but witty.  In addition, the most recognizable point is Phuoc Hung has bangs, while Phuoc Thinh strokes his hair up (Laughs).

Having FPTU’s Got Talent Prospect Award, the first prize in mini football and are one of the focal points, especially when you two have diverse talents and attractive looks, what do you think about this?

The two of us think that when we step into the university path, we have to join more in extra-curricular activities to develop our abilities and interact with many of our better friends to learn, so when we participate, we are wholeheartedly and determined.  Besides, football and singing are our passions, and because we have had the opportunity to work together for a long time so that we have to do as far as we can when participating in.


And we are very happy and thank you for supporting our brothers.  Especially the brothers in FFC club who supported us a lot.

About FPTU's Got Talent, you luckily passed the semi-finals and then broke through the final to receive the Prospect Award, what did you think about the program and were you really satisfied with the results?

Actually when participating in the program, the only thought in our minds is to interact with other friends and to see where we are.  Going to the final and receiving the promising prize from Coc Doc is really an unexpected thing for our brothers, but I think that when participating in a game, efforts should be accompanied by a little luck and it is also part of the game, like when we play football.

FPTU’s Got Talent has really brought us many useful experiences and will help us to be more confident to develop our abilities in the future.

In the final night, judges Tran Thai Son encouraged the two of you to form music band to take your art seriously, what do you think about this advice and what are your plans?


We consider singing as a hobby but we still don't dare to think that we will pursue it seriously.  Actually, when listening to the Examiner Tran Thai Son said so, we also felt very happy but did not dare to think about because the ability was not enough and knew that we need to develop a lot of things about the voice and the ability to coordinate suitably as band.  But whatever we say, we still prefer to be later called a graphic artist rather than a singer, hihi.  But the future cannot be told, who knows.  In the immediate future, we determine that the two brothers need to study their major well.

Thank Phuoc Hung and Phuoc Thinh for your shares; wish you two will reap more success in both academic and artistic movements and activities.

(According to FPT Education)


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