Mitsubishi Corporation Chairman welcomes FPT University students to intern and work

Recently, Mitsubishi Corporation paid a visit and worked with FPT University. Here, Chairman and Director of Mitsubishi Corporation - Mr. Tetsu Funayama expressed his desire to receive FPT University students come to intern and work in the Mitsubishi Corporation company system in Vietnam and worldwide.

Mitsubishi Corporation is a global business enterprise, in which the company develops and operates business across most industrial sectors. With more than 200 offices and subsidiaries in around 90 countries, Mitsubishi owns a staff system of more than 65,000 people.

Guiding the visit for Mitsubishi officials, learning about the way and the training process of FPT University was Mr. Tetsu Funayama - President and Director of Mitsubishi Corporation. On the side of FPT Can Tho University, there were Mr. Huynh Van Bay - Head of Training Department of FPT University as the welcome representative.

During the meeting, Mr. Tetsu Funayama emphasized that he wanted to know how FPT University had trained skills for students, as well as the reason why the rate of students having jobs right after graduation were up to 98%.



At FPT University, all students are trained according to international standards. In 2013, FPT University was the first university in Vietnam accredited with 3-star QS Stars standard. This is the top ranking for universities around the world. Directly imported training curricula from well-known foreign publishers, getting to study with foreign teachers, foreign exchange semesters, etc. all of these factors contribute to improving the students professional level in accordance with the actual situation and the needs of society.

In addition to professional knowledge, students are taught the necessary skills: communication skills, teamwork, financial management, time management, planning skills, English semesters to ensure a solid foundation, ready to become a global citizen.

The practical internship semester is also a feature of students at FPT University, this term is called OJT (On The Job Tranning). In this semester, students will experience the real working environment as an employee. Many students are paid and recruited immediately by businesses after this term even when they are not graduated yet.

At the end of the meeting, Mitsubishi Corporation Chairman expressed many good impressions about FPT University. From the open-hearted reception, hospitality to the way of training in the spirit of global integration and professional knowledge conveyed to students. All of these features are very suitable for those who intend to work in large enterprises of the world and Japan. Mr.Tetsu Funayama also expressed his desire to receive FPT University students to intern and work in the Mitsubishi Corporation company system in Vietnam and worldwide.

With such good impressions, it is believed that FPT University students will have many opportunities to study, experience and work at leading corporations such as Mitsubishi.



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