Nearly 2,000 job positions awaited FPT University students

Job and Internship Fair 2018 is the largest "Job Fair" at FPT University, which attracts more than 14 businesses and offers hundreds of recruitment opportunities for students.


 From the early morning, the Innovation lobby was busy and crowded with many students because of the "Job and Internship Fair 2018" exposition. The program brings together lots of huge brands of IT, Graphic Design, Business, Media, etc. Come to Job Fair, students will have a more specific perspective of the major that they have chosen. Also in here, employers will provide students with the necessary information and skills that need to be supplemented before deciding to apply for a position in any company.

  Many students talk to the employers in excited.

There are massive names which are the dreams of many students such as: Suntory Pepsico, Bosch, Amaris, SNA ... among the recruiters. Not only the useful information was shared, businesses participating in the "Job and Internship Fair 2018" program also brought many job opportunities and internships both at home and abroad for FPT University students.


 All of the enterprises coming to Job Fair 2018 have great working environment, professionalism and attractive regime. Therefore, these employers will often have very high requirements for candidates. They want to find young, quick, creative human resources and the most important is to have professional knowledge, foreign language skills and the ability to handle jobs, etc. These are the reasons why businesses choose FPT Universities.

A very interesting activity that took place in the program is also a guide to writing CV skills. The employers will consult and edit to support the students with an impressive and outstanding resume. The highlight of the Job Fair 2018 is that students who are about to graduate can get the opportunity to interview and apply on the spot, while others are able to apply CV directly to get an OJT ticket of the company they wish to work for.


This year's program also had an area for the "Spring Book Fair" with two huge book display booths that have attracted a lot of students. Not only that, after choosing a suitable book, you could withdraw to see how much your discount is. Taking this opportunity, many of participants did not hesitate to buy a lot of books at a much cheaper price than the cover price.


Job and Internship 2018 closed with a lot of helpful and captivating things which were conveyed to Ho Chi Minh FPT undergraduates. The program is the link between students and companies. Through many times of organizing the exposition, FPTU has become not only an ideal and reliable place for enterprises that need young and well qualified human resources but also a place for students to entrust their future careers to.


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