On April 30, seeing Saigon before 1975

The 43rd anniversary of the Liberation of South Vietnam, learning about Saigon before 1975 through ancient works in Ho Chi Minh City has become a topic of sketching exercises for a group of students majoring in Graphic Design at FPT University.

Just entering the second semester of the major, FPT University students have shown their abilities.



As one of the oldest buildings in Saigon, contributing to the creation of "Pearl of the Far East" of Asia, Tax Trade Center has been associated with the memories of many people. FPT University students repainted Tax Trade Center in 1934, when the name of the building - Les Grands Magazins Charner (GMC) - was mounted on the building. Tax Trade Center was built in the style of French architecture with dotted lines bearing Asian cultural traits. (Author: Student Tran Nguyen Nhat Minh).


Another milestone of Tax Trade Center was in the 1960s and '80s when the GMC nameplate was removed. It was no longer a commercial center but a place to display items and machines of state-owned brands. Those who have witnessed this "change of clothes" of the Tax Trade Center must have entered their fifties. With a work with a long and non-existent historical landmark such as Tax Trade Center, many people are sad seeing these drawings. (Author: Student Nguyen Duong Thien Tu).


Still stunning after many political and historical storms, nowaday, Notre Dame Cathedral has become a symbolic building, a favorite destination not only for tourists but also for Saigon people. The iron brush (pen) of FPT University students has contributed to depicting the peaceful and tranqil features of a corner of HCMC familiar to many generations. (Author: Student Nguyen Duc Quoc Vuong).


It is quite interesting but few people know that, before 1975, Ben Thanh market did not have a name tag like present. Based on the rare picture of the front of the market, Saigon people can see the image of old but not-old-at-all Saigon. (Author: Student Le Thanh Tung).

Steel Wire Department' - the former name of the City Post Office was drawn by graphic design students of FPT University. Compared to before the Liberation of the South, the City Post Office was distinguished only in the bright yellow paint. Currently, the Post Office is an indispensable attraction for visitors to Ho Chi Minh City. (Author: Student Bui Nguyen Minh Thu).


The image of Notre Dame Cathedral is unfamiliar to quite many people in Ho Chi Minh City. The cathedral was just completed in 1882, with no bell towers as of the present time. In 1895, two 57m high bell towers were added, and the cathedral became the tallest building in Saigon at that time. (Author: Student Ho Quoc Hien).

Referring to the ancient works in Saigon, we cannot mention the indispensable Grand hotel, located at 8 Dong Khoi, District 1. After many times of renaming, upgrading, repairing and today the hotel still retains the ancient beauty of France. This is also an inspiration for students with the theme of depicting an ancient corner of Saigon before the historic landmark of April 30, 1975. (Author: Student Vo Minh Huy).

MSc NCS. Nguyen Viet Tan - Head of Graphic Design Faculty of FPT University, who proposed and also guided and accompanied the students to make these photos shared: “This is an assignment for students of FPTU's twelve generations. The younger generations are used to the fast pace of life in Ho Chi Minh City, sometimes forgetting historical values. Hopefully with this topic, students will have the opportunity to learn about the city they live in ”. "The works are sketched (sketched) by students, then completed, so the expression style is quite rich" - Lecturer Viet Tan added.


After wandering around the city center to do his homework, Bui Nguyen Minh Thu said: "It was exhausted to go outside drawing some real places but it was really fun indeed".

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