Online Learning - FPT University unique way of training.

Pioneering in apply ICT for training, FPT University has started online learning program since 2019. According that, students will have online learning account, flexible time, faster access to the huge knowledge.



 At the beginning of 2019, FPT University has signed the contract to cooperate MOU( Memorandum of understanding) with Coursera - one of the best companies of the world provides technology online learning courses. Nowadays, FPT University has started intergrating online learning to training program, apply to the amount of subjects account for 20% in university training program.


To attend online progream,FPT university student was granted the FPT - Cousera and access to MOOC ( Massive open online course). Every online semester lasts for 4 months in average. According to it, each subject is equivalent 3 -5 credits of training major.


When study online, FPT University student will be accessed to the latest knowledge, continuos updated from MOOC. This is online learning resources designed by the top professors of the universities in the world. Providing global knowledge through the Internet and improve the digital skills for students, it is orient the biggest benefits that FPT University brings to the students.


 FPT Univerisity have many advantages in online learning. First is self-control in study, students could have flexible time and study place. They can study anytime and anywhere just need to connect the Internet. In additional, online learning also requires senses of self-discipline from students, training the spirit of proactive learning for students - an extremely necessary skill in constanly changing technology world.


In online learning process, student will initiative communicate and solve problems through the channels: FAP Academic Portal, Support lecturesr, offline meeting at school; Coursera forum…


The student study effect will be tested on mid-term, final-tearm by the theoretical and practical tests. In that test, the theoretical test follows the form of multiple choices include 50 questions, test time is 60 minutes, passing scores is 30/50. In the practical test, students will protect the previous exercises or do the same exercises in 120 minutes, passing scores is 5/10.


The theoretical and practical scores in the ratio of 50:50 will be the final average result of subject. In exams, students will be tested 2 times, the result will be canceled if they fail both and they have to pay the fee to retest that equal 50% to re-study fee.


Especially in every subject, student will supported by 3-4 lecturers to supervise the learning progress. According to it, the lecturers in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, Da Nang school will join the subjects forum with student to solve the problems in learning process with the reply time not exceed 24 hours since the student had the question. Furthermore, in online learning process, if students have trouble, lecturers will support by direct meeting to solve the problems if necessary.




Knowledge have no limitation and continuous updated so the leaner need to access the lasted news. This is the original training situation hard to respond. On the contrary, online learning is effective solution for this problem.


 FPT University is one of the first one in Vietnam follow the trend, intergrate online training form at school. Besides the original training form, FPT University has been promoting to expand online learning form in order to improve the modern knowledge and effective self-discipline ability for student in digital age.




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