"Portrait of the loved one" under FPT University students drawing brushes

Not being limited in any principles or rules, with the basic skills and genuine emotions, students of Graphic Design (Digital Art & Design) - FPT University HCM has made many impressive works on the topic "Portrait of the person I love”. 


With creativity and genuine inspiration, the students of FPT University painted many human portraits. Since each person, each object brings a lot of different emotions. “The person I love” is not just about a couple's love, it's also the love for one’s self, the love for one’s family...


The work of Student Phan Thi Bao Thanh  

Somewhere inside, you have simple but very real thoughts. With Bao Thanh, it’s "You must know how to love yourself before you love someone" - If someone asks you, what is the most important thing in this life, do not rush to decide that it’s parental love, romance, dreams, goals or ideas. The most important thing sometimes is as simple as just to live, to exist. So why do we forget ourselves and forget about spending time to care for ourselves? Everyone has our own thoughts and choices, we could not be happy if we do not know how to love ourselves.

Other students show love to their parents through the artwork about their Father and Mother. The highlights in each painting, the tidiness of each drawings expresses the thankfulness for their parents and the bond that is not to change no matter what happens.

The work of student Le Nguyet Song Thu
The work of student  Le Pham bao Vi


It would be so beautiful if love begins with the deepest emotions of the heart, the harmony of understanding of the soul, the passion to love or the desire to conquer all difficulties in life and find the most peaceful home together.

The young students of FPT University have boldly expressed the image of their other "half" with their most simple feelings. Little by little, they draw the faces and emotions of the loved ones with all their skills, hearts and minds.

The work of student  Bui Gia Han

The work of student Nguyen Phuc Thien An

“I heard that FPT University's students are so very unique and it’s unexpectedly true! The students gave me a lot of inspiration in teaching, they always have a high sense of self-awareness when studying online like this, both the interaction and the results are very good” – the sharing from Mr. Nguyen Viet Tan - Head of Graphic Design Department - FPT University Ho Chi Minh City, is greatly contributing to creating positive energies during the time that teaching and learning activities are under the affection of Covid-19. 

The work of student Trieu Chu Quoc Thai

The work of student  Ho Thi Thanh Thao


Translated by RUBY


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