Refering top universities of U.S, which subjects will FPT Universty teach online?

Many universities top of US provide free online courses on Cousera and edX as: Havard University, Princeton University, Chicago University, Yale University…Let’s check some online subjects in those school with FPT University.

1.Princeton Univeristy

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies ( 11 weeks )

Effective Altruism ( 9 weeks )

Imagining Other Earths ( 24 weeks )

Computer Architecture ( 11 weeks )

Making Government Work in Hard Places ( 8 weeks)

Global History of Capitalism ( 6 weeks)
The Art of Structural Engineering ( 9 weeks) 

2.Harvard University

 Introduction to Computer Science for intellectual enterprises. ( 6 weeks)

Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science (chemistry) ( 6 weeks)
World Literature ( 12 weeks)
Data Science: R Basics ( 4 weeks)
The Opioid Crisis in America ( 7 weeks)
Contract Law: From Trust to Promise to Contract ( 8 weeks)

3.Chicago University

Critical Issues in Urban Education (10-12 weeks)
Understanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life ( 10 weeks)
Internet Giants: The Laws and Economics of Media Platforms. ( 9 weeks)
Global Warming I: The Science and Modeling of Climate Change ( 8 weeks)

4.Standford University

Numerical Linear Algebra (4 courses)
Analysis of Structures (11 weeks)
International Women’s Health & Human Rights.(10 weeks)
Child Nutrition and Cooking. (5 weeks)
Introduction to Food and Health Standford University.
Social and Economic Networks: Models and Analysis ( 8 weeks)

5.University of Pennsylvania

Business Analytics ( 5 courses )
Business Foundations ( 6 courses )
Positive Psychology Foundation (5 courses)
Viral Marketing & How to Craft Contagious Content. (4 weeks) 
Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society (6 weeks)
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): A Strategic Approach (4 weeks)
Intellectual Property Law & Policy - Part 1 (6 weeks)
Programming for the Web with JavaScript. (4 weeks)
Robotics: Foundation rules (12 weeks) 
Hollywood: History, Intrdustry, Art (4 weeks)

6.FPT University

Introduction to Information Assurance
Website Design
Project Management
Human Resource Management
Python Programming

FPT University has signed the contract to cooperate MOU (Memorandum of understanding) with Cousera, one of the best prestigious companies of the world provide high-quality online courses for students. According to it, the amount of online subjects account for 20% in the training subjects.

These online courses which FPT University cooperate with Cousera deploys for student are designed and taught by the professors of the top universities in America: Stanford University, Princeton, California, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, co-founders of Online learning program are Computer Science Professors from Stanford University. This program also receives the sponsor 16 millions USD from Technology Valley Silicon.

To attend online program, FPT University student was granted the FPT - Cousera account, access the MOOC ( Massive open online couse) international quality learning resouces. Each online seminar lasts for 4 months in average. Each subject is equivalent 3-5 credits of earch training major. Student have to spend at least 3 - 4 hours/day to listen/read/understand the lecture, read reference documents, do exercises, tests follow the regulation time, communicate with professors and friends if necessary. 

Having FPT - Cousera account, students will be provided all learning resources includes: Guilding how to learn, Overview learning process document, course outline, lectures, test, exercises, reference source,…

The advantage of learning online is allow student studying, communicating with professors and other thousand students all over the world. In additional, student could finish the courses anytime, not have to wait the others like traditonal learning way.

Online learning course of FPT University from Cousera is online project to create high-quality educate environment, easy to use and access in digital time. Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng said, top of the professors in charge of online courses will teach in name of their university, in the same time, constantly update the lastest information for student.

Cooperating with Cousera, in the next time, FPT University will continue deploying 3500 free online course for students include: Computer Science, Software Engineer, Business, Management, Economic, Finance, Education, Energy, Earth Science, Engineer, Food&Nutrition, Health, Society,Nursing, Humanities, Information, Design, Law, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Life Sciences, Data Analysis, Art, Teacher Training…

Learning online, FPT University student will be accessed new information which updated by MOOC . Through the online learning form, FPT University student will be provided global knowledge and improve digital skill in digital age.






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