Reveal rumors: Studying Information technology leads to being “alone”?

Besides the attractiveness, the IT industry is still "unfairly rumored". People still whisper that if you choose to study Information Technology, you are very susceptible to F.A. Why is that?

Ngo Tran Ngoc LaVy - K12 student of FPT University's Graphic Design with her mischievous drawing gave 6 funny reasons.


The attractiveness of the information technology industry is indisputable, rarely any job gives you the access to the latest technology or a chance to bury your head passionately to create a "child" of high-tech applications. Information technology industry has many "rumors" but once determined to pursue this industry, it is difficult to get out.

In 2018, FPT University recruited the following majors: Software Engineering; Information Assurance; Business Administration; Hotel Management; International business; English Language; Japanese; Multimedia Communications; Graphic design in two means: take part in the entrance exam on 13/5 or register for admission.

Parents and candidates can register for counseling here or call the hotline: (028) 7300 5588.


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