Semester 5

  • Students understand the principles of usable design such as listening to users, understanding the medium and the ability to bridge the two with a well designed user interface.

  • Students explore the role of a media planner in advertising media agencies, examine the complexity in negotiating media investment, identifying dynamics between media buyers and sellers.

  • Students design a strategy for developing and telling their own transmedia story.  Students will be able to engage different audiences in a story that is seamlessly told across different platforms, including interactive web experiences, social media communities, mobile devices, theme parks, and even augmented and virtual reality.

  • Students will be developed knowledge, skills, and perspectives to support the application of managing products and developing brand strategies in the marketing area. It helps students to gain insights into the role of product and brand management in gaining and maintaining customer loyalty.

  • Students have basic knowledge of phonetics, writing and simple sentences, and equipped with the basic knowledge of listening to Chinese