Senior managers or hotel servers?

Restaurant and hotel services are always in the top 3 most human resource desirable industries. Because of the high class working environment followed by great income, many young individuals orient their future work to this field.

Hotel Management is "hot"

Vietnam's tourism is currently on a strong development. For example, in 2016, the country welcomed more than 10 million international visitors, served 62 million domestic visitors and18,800 accommodation establishments with 355,000 rooms used to afford the needs of tourists. Revenue from travel, accommodation and catering services is estimated at approximately 402.66 trillion VND.


The strong growth of tourism has led to the result that the demand for human resources in the hotel-restaurant aspect is higher than ever. The average incomes for medium-sized hotels and 5 stars hotels managers are 10-18 million and more than 40 million per month respectively.

According to the analysis of the Ho Chi Minh city’s Center for Human Resources Forecast and Labor Market Information, human resources in the field of restaurant and hotel services will be scarce in the long run, especially senior management positions. Instead of choosing crowded professions, Hotel Management is a more potential and wider way.
The advantages of high quality human resources
Although the demand is large, recruiters in Hotel management always require strict criteria of candidates. Especially the ability to communicate in foreign languages, soft skills, professional knowledge and appearance. Young people who love this industry need to equip themselves with essential skills to suit the characteristics of the Hospitality Industry and the labor market's selectivity. That is why the advantages always belong to well-qualified human resources who are capable of reaching out to international markets.
In Vietnam, there are many Vocational training schools, Colleges and Universities training courses in Hotel Management. However, the knowledge provided at the University helps learners have enough expertise for senior management positions.
Having Grasped the market demands, several international standard Universities in Vietnam have designed to use foreign language in training programs. Notably, FPT University teaches not only the Hospitality Management major fully in English but also in the second foreign language which is Chinese. Therefore, Hotel Management graduates from FPT University are welcomed by many employers for the same knowledge as international students and fluency in both foreign languages.

Practical experience is especially important
For highly practical occupations like Hotel Management, practical knowledge and work experience are extremely important. An obvious paradox in Vietnamese training and recruitment is that students studying at Universities often do not have practical work experience and employers always require candidates to have it which leads to a string of Unemployed bachelor's circumstances.

A more effective educational model that is being learned by many schools is FPT University's curriculum. With 98% of students having jobs in just 3 months after graduation, FPT University students have practical internships for 4-8 months at international standard hotels both at home and abroad right from the third year. This is the time that helps students practice the knowledge learned from the faculty and work as real staff.

Towards global career
Hotel Management is especially suitable for young people who love international communication and multicultural integration with high discipline and quick response in unexpected situations. Because of the working surroundings’ characteristics of the international-class hotels and customers from many cultures around the world, students need to be concentrated on training soft skills-one of the essential points that require most Vietnamese human resources to overcome. Many universities put soft skills into official curriculum and organize special skills classes such as FPT University spending 6 months for their students to study at KDU in Malaysia; this is also a way to bring Vietnamese students closer to the education of countries whose services sector is developed.

A global job opportunity is opening up for many young people who love Hotel Management. Becoming a senior manager or a regular worker in this services industry is your choice. As the matter of fact that the main learning environment is the orientation place which equips you with the most essential skills to getting you ready for your future work today.
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According to Tuoi Tre News

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