Should software engineers work for start-up companies or outsourcing?

It is the concern of many young people who are on the threshold of choosing a business to stick with for a long time. Each business has its own unique characteristics, opportunities, and challenges that make it even more difficult to make decisions.
At the recently tour in NFQ Vietnam | 8 Bit Rockstar, many of students have found the answer when talking to experienced brothers and sisters. Accordingly, the answer to the question of choosing which enterprise after graduation will depend on the capabilities and necessity of each person.
Having told the story of the top 5 billionaires in technology whose names are huge such as Amazon, Apple and Microsoft ... Mr. Duong Dinh Tho - FPT University alumni - Line Manager NFQ Vietnam said that in the current context, pursuing Software Engineering was a trendy option. However, the choice for a start-up company, a production company or a private company that receives project implementation (outsourcing) must be considered.


Mr.Tho said the highlight of the startup or manufacturing company will focus on their own products, you will learn the product development roadmap. Meanwhile, the companies that receive project implementation have the advantage that programmers will have access to many partners. Besides, with 8 years of experience working for technology companies, Mr. Tho recommends that you should focus on professional skills very well, because it is the core to adapt to the business decision to work for.
Sharing more about the current working environment, FPT University alumni said that NFQ's office is not only a pure office but also a working environment with modern equipment and facilities creating comfortable space and stimulating work spirit. Over 10 years of providing large-scale Mobile & Web solutions, NFQ has proven that its ambition will not stop at Coding merely through consulting directly with leading corporations such as KAYAK.COM, GetYourGuide. , HomeTogo & Rocket Ventures successful businesses ...

Meanwhile, Mr. Le Nguyen Thanh An - NFQ Vietnam representative - 8 Bit Rockstar shared that English and communication skills need to be improved in order to have a global job. Talking about the journey from zero to a manager of a unit in a German company based in Europe and Asia ... Mr. An said that your IELTS must be at least 7.0. In order to realize the search for talented people, NFQ wishes to meet with young programmers who are aspiring to bring optimal solutions to international partners.

Therefore, the representative of NFQ Vietnam Co., Ltd 8 Bit Rockstar said they had worked with Rmit International University. Also at the tour, many students took the initiative to chat and look for opportunities to choose companies.


Nguyen Phuoc Anh Khoa - K10 student of Software Engineering has also quickly submitted his CV (Curriculum Vitae) to the employer. Ending the internship course and successfully defending the Interior Furniture Augmented Reality System for Online Shopping - the first prize of the Scientific Research Competition for Spring 2018, Khoa said: “The Company Tour has created an opportunity for me to directly ... talk to the company you have been studying for a long time, answer questions, and understand the culture and needs of your business. I think that is suitable with my aspirations and abilities so I did not hesitate to choose this business so I should submit my CV now.

The visit to NFQ Vietnam Co., Ltd. 8 Bit Rockstar is a part of the Company Tour series organized by the Department of Personal Development Plan (PDP) of FPT University. Besides the sightseeing activities, many programs such as MOU signing ceremony, JobFair exposition and professional seminar ... had connected enterprises with students. As a result, many opportunities for internships and careers worldwide have been opened up which helps students choose the right business to stick with.




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