Students’ overseas employment

The employment market has no geographical boundaries anymore so graduated students have many opportunities to work abroad more than before. The problem remains is the skills and abilities for globalization.
As the world is getting more and more “flatter”, the opportunity to work overseas is not as hard to seek as before. Not only long-term jobs but also long business trips that span over a few months according to each project, contracts have also attracted many motivated youths to join.
Working at FPT Software TP.HCM, Giang Song Truc – FPT University’s alumnus has gotten sent to America to participate in a project about building a website based on the foundation of IoT (Internet of Things) in the span of 2 months at General Electric. This was not the only chance for the 8th generation alumni of FPT University because in the Software Engineering major, engineers that have good professional knowledge always frequently have opportunities to move to the headquarters of foreign business partners to complete projects.
Foreign language is always the biggest obstacle for young people when choosing foreign countries to develop their career. “It is difficult to convey most of your ideas using the native language sometimes, let alone using other languages.” – Song Truc sharing her viewpoint.
However, with 4 years of studying Japanese and the original curriculum imported from international schools has helped Truc “increase her information research ability, learning new knowledge” and communicating with a foreign language, Truc completed her role with feedbacks that reflected well on her accomplishments.
Living in a completely different environment is a challenge, as well as an opportunity for FPT University’s students, learn more about the culture of many other different countries. With Truc, “In America diversity applies to culture, people, nature and cuisine. Thanks to this diversity I got to experience many new things in just a short time.”
The NINJA program (Navigating an Independent Nonstop Journey to Autonomy) is exclusive to FPT University, helping to improve soft skills and life experience, increase flexible adaptability besides providing students with professional knowledge. Through NINJA activities like Moving for 48 hours, 7 days of experience, the month of condensed training,… students can gather up many life skills in many different environments, quickly integrate into a new background.

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