Studying University: "Choose your passionate major"

GD & TD - “Choosing majors and careers for the future is important because it will stay with each person's life.  Therefore, I choose a career based on my personal passion, not the influence of those relatives around me ”- the opinion of software engineering student Huynh Duc Duy also spoke for many young people standing before the high school standardized exam.

Besides the pressure to get good results, many high school seniors have to carry more stresses about the question "what major to choose".  Many families want their children to "succeed", or learn careers that families with acquaintances will introduce good jobs later ... forgetting to consider their children's interests.

The story of choosing the university of the Ho Chi Minh FPT University software engineering student is like many other young individuals.  Duy also went through the stage of deliberation to choose the major and school that best suited him.

The standard "their son"

The appearance of a scholar with striking glasses on his face and a quiet personality, only few people know that Huynh Duc Duy has a lot of talents.  Duy can play many instruments from drums, guitar to organ and piano.

The special thing is that all these instruments are studied by him.  “I did my own research and learned on the internet, so it was not as formal as those who are taught through school.  My ability to play is just medium but not too excellent”- Duy smiled modestly.

Not only that, Duy owns a thickness of outstanding achievements.  Some of them are: 3rd prize in the 2017 Robodnic contest, first prize in Da Nang science and technology contest, second prize in the national young IT contest, third prize in the 2017 Young Makers Challenge, third prize in Vifotec's youth creative contest…

From passionate about information technology to university choice process
As an "IT professional" of Le Quy Don - Da Nang specialized high school, Duy has a strong passion for information technology.  Right from the secondary school years, Duy has self-study online.

Huynh Duc Duy chooses FPT University to continue passionate about Information Technology.

At the time when his peers are engrossed in gaming, Duy has a very different question: Why can they make such good games?  How does this website work?  ... Those questions are constantly motivates Duy to explore and think to give the answers of himself.

When he reached high school, Duy found himself a part-time job.  Unlike many other friends, Duy chose a very different way to do- "Freelancer".  With his passion for information technology, Duy chose to participate in projects of building websites or online applications of his seniors in the profession.

“Freelance jobs help me supplement the uninformed knowledge from those who have 
more experience and earlier exposure to the practical work environment” - Duy explained the reasons for choosing his part-time job.

It leads to the result that standing in the doorway to choose a career for him, Duy did not hesitate to become a student in Software Engineering.  Duy shared: “At present, there are only a few universities with good training in the field of information technology.

Considering more factors such as the international studying environment, the curriculum in English and especially the opportunity to study abroad, I registered to take an entrance examination at FPT University in Ho Chi Minh City”.

Duy's decision is supported by the family because his brother Huynh Minh Tu - K11 student of Software Engineering is also gradually maturing in this school.

As someone who always knows how to catch the opportunity, when he decided he would study, Duy hunted for a 50% scholarship at FPT University.  This is not easy for many new students, "as far as I know, many of students feel afraid to take the exam because they are scared of study pressure, but I myself feel that I have decided to follow my passion so I should not being afraid of difficulty.  Scholarship examination is also a way to express my determination”.

Duy is a typical case of the statement "other families’ children" that parents often say. However, to achieve it is a long process of self-studying with endless passion.

 Not only Duy, each individual has their own dreams, the most important thing is to choose the environment and how to actualize that dream because good seeds need a good environment to grow.




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